New average user rating display now shows the Bayesian Average instead of a plain average. I do not understand the math myself but this is a better metric for “how good was it rated” as it takes the number of votes into account and some statistics. I hope you like it!

I’ve been on a map review spree of sorts and I’ve noticed the user review average on an individual map’s page seems to be just a plain arithmetic mean. Is it an oversight or is it intentional?

I can kind of understand the logic of having two different averages because of the context. The Bayesian average is useful for ranking hundreds of maps, some of which have only a few ratings, which can skew the map’s probable rating (if it had more ratings). For example, a map could have just one rating of 1/5, when the map should likely be rated at around 3/5. That way a potential player, while browsing through the map list, won’t miss out on playing good maps that have had an unfortunate start with their ratings.

However, once the player’s chosen their map from the list, the map’s no longer “competing” with other maps for attention from the potential player, but instead the rating here can be represented by the “true” rating, from the people that have actually rated and possibly even commented on the map, giving the current score of the map, not the likely score.

Hope I’m making any sense here. So in case you’ve been thinking of replacing the map page’s rating with the bayesian average, after some thought, I’d actually be against it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it is intentional! I wanted to display histograms (like on Amazon) on the individual pages but never got around doing that.

The bayesian rating is really only meant for the ranking view.

Nice update. It’ll be interesting to see what effect this has on the scores. Some of the older maps here must score quite differently now.

Well, you’ve already been experiencing this “new” system for over four years now; I just bumped up the thread to ask my question earlier. I was wondering if I should necro the thread or not, but the question whether the two rating system was intentional or not bothered me too much. xD

Ha! Oh well. I don’t suppose I’ll see much difference in the scoring then!

Not feeling the smartest at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue: