New Here - Quake 2?


Well recently got back into Quake and level Editing. For me, the original Quake was one of the most influential FPS and it is very nostalgic. when I got it back at the end of 1996 I got into level editing for a good few years making Quake, Quake II and Half-Life levels (never completed them though). I know its a good 20 years since Quake’s “Heyday” and there are not the amount of sites as there were 15+ years ago.

I am very glad to have found this site though. I have a question, is there also an equivalent for Quake II? I fancy making levels for both games.


Welcome, Delabane,

Unfortunately there is not much in the way of an equivalent to Quaddicted for Quake 2, but you can check first these links.

Second, the community for Quake 2 is spread too thin and unactive lately, but the main places are:

And to finish, if you are rusty around Quake 2 mapping and want to come back to it, you may want to check first


Many thanks for the welcome.

That is very strange how Quake I has more of a following, I mean both are really good games and I love them both. Never really bothered with Quake III and I only got to play Quake 4 about 5 years ago, it was not bad but not as addictive as Quake I/II.

I used to use Worldcraft and moved over to the editor in Half-Life II/Left 4 dead but have recently been drawn back to Quake.

Recently started using JACK as an editor, which I like but might try the other one.