New Q1SP: Func Map Jam 3 - Zerstörer theme

A new map pack has arrived!, a community project by Func_Msgboard.

The theme of this jam was, and it features six small to (very) large maps by,,,,, and taking on various aspects of the mod (which is also included in this release). Prepare for evil atmosphere and hostile environments.

Several of the maps require an engine port with increased limits as well as support for fog.

Oh man, these packs are so good. I don’t suppose we’re so lucky as to get to finally face that huge boss monster from the original Zerstorer?

Despite having a fast machine, I’m getting slow frame rates on some levels.
Annyone else?

Yes, in Tronyn’s map. The reason is the Quake engine wasn’t made for massive areas with large numbers of enemies, so the performance doesn’t scale well even on fast machines. You could try the lastest versions of QuakeSpasm and DirectQ and see if they improve the situation for you.

Actually, it’s Daz’s & MFX’s maps which caused these troubles…
And Tronyn’s ran just fine despite its size… O_o
However I did try Quakespasm and the issues disappeared… Thank you!