New Q1SP pack: Func Map Jam 6 - Fire and Brimstone

The much-hyped has concluded; the result is an impressive pack with 13 (!) single player levels as well as start map!

The theme of this community mapping event was Fire and Brimstone, and it attracted mappers both old and new to the scene, namely Adib Murad, Breezeep, Daz, EricW & Tronyn, Exhelzar, ionous, Matecha, necros, Rick, Scampie, ShoTro, ItEndsWithTens, and WarrenM, who submitted levels of varying sizes ranging from fortresses in lava caves to industrial base facilities built onto hot slag.

The recommended source port for playing these maps is

I think I speak for all right-thinking people when I say: w00t!

Yes indeed, w00t w00t!