New Q1SP: Requiem by Gotshun

Go to quaketastic and down load This is my first release to the public, so I hope you guys enjoy playing. Any feed back, good or bad helps me understand what your looking for when it comes to game play. Any questions, post Attn: Gotshun. I made maps way back and stopped for several years. Then I was looking around on utube and saw Daz playing CZG’s Honey. From that moment on I’ve had the itch. These maps are designed with the Honey theme. I dedicate these maps to CZG for being an artist in map making and to Daz for showing these to the public.

                                       Thanks  everybody,

                                                    Pete (Gotshun) D.

A release by a new author: by Gotshun.

It features four large brick-themed levels as well as a start map. They are closely inspired by czg’s Honey and appear to be a tribute and/or remix. The fourth map is essentially the original E1M5.