New stable DarkPlaces release: version 20140430

A new stable version of DarkPlaces was released four days ago.

From the News section of LordHavoc’s DarkPlaces site:


New darkplaces update:
FXAA added : r_fxaa 1 in console to activate it (thanks graphitemaster)
r_glsl_postprocess will no longer force a blur effect unless the corresponding uservecs are in use (thanks divVerent).
Updated ip address for master server and added ip6 address for it as well (someday we’ll use threaded dns lookup instead).
Increased effectinfo.txt limits as requested by JKoestler who managed to have that many effects defined.
Allow .rtlights files to use style -1 for compatibility with fteqw-produced rtlights files.
New vid_desktopfullscreen cvar will use your desktop resolution instead of changing video mode, this is better behaved on all platforms but especially Linux.
gl_vbo_dynamicvertex and gl_vbo_dynamicindex have been optimized (but seem to still be slower on desktop GL than using conventional vertex arrays).
Fixed some issues with the unmaintained D3D9 renderer pertaining to vid_sRGB and vid_stereobuffer.
Fixed a bug with EF_FLAME and EF_STARDUST effects still emitting particles when paused.
Changed behavior when stuck in brush models such that you can will not be stuck in an entity such as a door or platform, only stuck if in solid world geometry (an intentional quake behavior).[/quote]