Non-news: 2000 views, 7 Terabytes, 20 million posts got 2000 views now, I have been recording myself playing some mods recently. You should all try Reinforcer. I like mods. What is happening!

We got 7 Terabytes of Fileplanet on so far. That is all the publically visible files on it. Next comes the hard part, the files you need to know the URL to without being able to search/browse Fileplanet.

IGN/Gamespy killed all the old forums. I got about 20 million posts rescued by downloading all the forums I knew about. I will prepare some nice interface some day, for now there is

Wow, this is incredible, and the interface is already plenty navigable; much better than saving odd threads here and there via Firefox in raw html! Thanks for doing this!

Note to self: Hosting the .tar.bz2 works fine when updatedb is disabled, otherwise it gets crazy and requires a reboot to restore order on the server… Mounting takes 10-15 hours.

Remove the symlink, remove domain, restart lighttpd, sudo avfsd /home/myuser/.avfs/ -o allow_other, ls the archive#, symlink, add domain, restart lighttpd

Lighttpd will not be able to access the files inside (throw 403s) if allow_other is not used.