Old Macintosh PAK0 - Different Checksum

Hi all,

I haven’t played Quake for ages (around 10+ years), but I just got a new Windows laptop and I finally loaded Quake again. I had the pak files from the old Macintosh CD circa 1997 and I noticed the checksum for PAK0 is different than the one posted on the Installation page. PAK1 does match.

I was just curious if there were different versions of PAK0 released? The game plays great using Quakespasm so no worries there, I was just curious about the difference.


QuakeOne has the Macintosh shareware file (PAK0) available for download. I checked this file and the checksum matches what is posted here so obviously something is wrong with the PAK0 file I have from my old Macintosh.


Spent way too much time on this but I discovered why the old Macintosh PAK0 is a different file size.

I expanded both PAK files (old Mac and shareware Mac - I do not have access to a “Windows” PAK0) and used WinMerge to compare all the files. The difference is in progs.dat. The file in my old Mac PAK0 has a slightly smaller size - 410,616 bytes compared to the 413,116 bytes from the shareware PAK0.

Not sure why the difference, but at least I know where it is.


One last post on this.

The download for the shareware PAK0 file from QuakeOne was originally available from the Mac GLQuake page. It’s not there anymore, but the filename is the same. The description is as follows…

“Contains the game content from the PC Quake Shareware release, re-packaged in a Mac-friendly format. This allows you to play the first of four episodes of Quake, 8 levels in all. The GLQuake application linked above is required to play.”

So the PAK0 file is the PC version. I wonder if the Mac PAK0 progs.dat file was indeed a little bit different for some reason.

And, does anyone know if the updates to Quake changed the PAK files in anyway? I’m not sure if I had the very latest update for my old Mac version because the download site disappeared many years ago.


One final post. I was looking at the library pages here and I noticed the files list for PAK0 from both the Shareware and 1.01 versions. The progs.dat file size matches what I have from my old Macintosh.


Finally the mystery is solved!

From the Quake 1.06 Shareware ReadMe dated 10/1/1996

“In addition to new .exe files, progs.dat, located in pak0.pak, has been
updated as well, so be sure to copy over your \quake\id1\pak0.pak file.”

So after all is said and done, we have an interesting bit of trivia here. The original Macintosh port of Quake done by MacSoft used the PAK0 file from the version of Quake prior to 1.06.


P.S. I still have the original box and cd from the Mac version.

Very nice! Documenting these things is something I’ve meant to do for ages.

No worries Spirit. I would like to add photos for the library of the box and cd case, but it will have to wait for a bit since all my old software is in Poland and I’m in California for a while longer.

I was wondering why I never updated my installation of Quake on the old Macintosh since I always kept up with those sorts of things. I found the following through archive.org on the wizworks.com site…

Next, check to see that the “Pak” files in your ID1 folder are the right size. “pak0.pak” should be 17.4 Mb and Pak1.pak should be 32.6 Mb. If they are not, you will need to download and install the Quake 1.08.2-DE patch.

Funny thing, that patch is nowhere to be found and I don’t remember it.


What have you done, now I have 15 new tabs on a quest for Mac releases and patches! :stuck_out_tongue:

Apologies Spirit. I spent a fair amount of this afternoon searching myself.


[insults removed. -Spirit]

I meant the above message in the context that …

  1. If you are using a 1996 black-and-white Macintosh pak file.
  2. It isn’t working

You don’t spend 2 weeks trying to patch it. Just get one that works.

It isn’t like you are using a 1996 Macintosh. No, don’t spend 3 weeks trying to locate a patch for a black-and-white Macintosh Quake pak. I mean you I guess you can — if you don’t value your own time … but why? This special 1996 doesn’t have a different Quake than anyone else has.

There is a reason you can’t find it on the internet, not even on Mac enthusiast web site. There isn’t anything mystical about it, it doesn’t do anything differently, it doesn’t have different models — it doesn’t have different maps or a secret level.

The only remarkable thing is that it isn’t working and instead of getting one that works, you are getting preoccupied with nuances.

_Baker77, please re-read the https://www.quaddicted.com/forum/misc.php?action=rules . Consider yourself warned.

If you do not care about old files and their history, fine. But there is no need to insult those who do.

Hmm, just happened to see the recent post from Baker. Not sure what you meant about a B&W pak file, it’s the same pak file with support for everything. The only difference I noticed was that the checksum from the old pak file was different than the one Spirit has listed here. And so begin my search to find out why.


@Tamarisk. My posts were really dumb. Apologies to you and Spirit for the stupidity.

[I had a very strange bad day on that particular day, which it would seem translated to extremely poor judgment. Usually I’m better than that. Sorry … ]