Play 2048 in Quake!

Xenozoid has posted an amazingly addictive little Quake mod over at a Quake version of the game 2048 – as the author puts it, “in anticipation of Quake’s 20th anniversary”.

You install it as you would any other mod, i.e. by extracting the .zip into your Quake directory, and starting the game with “-game q2048”. The arrow keys are used for movement, and R starts a new game. You may also want to type “r_drawviewmodel 0” in the console to get rid of the weapon in your field of view.

q2048 has been tested in Quakespasm and DarkPlaces.

For those who do not know the game 2048,

Mod updated with a new stylish map by Scrama. Best played with QuakeSpasm.

Switch to old map:

map start