Play Mods in Single Player Mode

I am launching mods with either Qinjector, or SQLauncher. Using either one, the mods launch, look great, but they will only launch in MP mode. I can’t get any of them to launch in SP mode. Is there something I’m missing? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

What source port?

I’m using ezquake-gl. Not sure what a source port is. Thanks.

Sourceport is basically the same as the engine. Since Quake source code was released, there were some ports made for other platforms, hence the word “sourceport”.

You are using ezQuake - well, its website says that it’s a modern QuakeWorld client. QuakeWorld was/is for multiplayer.

If you want to play single player Quake, today’s common choice is Quakespasm and/or many “forks” like Quakespasm-Spiked, Ironwail, or vkQuake (requires video card to support of Vulkan API).

Thanks very much. That makes perfect sense now.