Playing base game with AD effects?

Hi, I’m pretty new to Quake modding, mainly only have modded Doom and Elder Scrolls/Fallout games previously.

So, I got Quake and both Mission Packs running with effects from AD. Literally just took everything from the AD folder except for MAPS and copied it to the id1, rogue, and hipnotic folders in Darkplaces. I’m surprised it worked, honestly. All I really wanted was the bloodstains to appear on the floor when I shoot enemies, but I didn’t know what specifically did that, so I took everything else along with it, lol.

Please let me know if there is a better way to do this or if some things aren’t going to function. I don’t know what all the new effects are.

It would also be cool to know what the differences between all the source ports are, I’ve heard Darkplaces has a lot of fancy graphical stuff, which is why I’m using it, but I also understand I need to use Quakespasm for AD for it’s limit removing functions.

You can launch AD as a mod and play the original maps in the mod as opposed to messing up your Quake directory. :slight_smile:

You may want to create a new install because you will have problems with other mods the way it is now.

Thanks, dumptruck, I will try this instead.

Any map in your id1/maps folder can be played in AD as well by loading them in the console.

Having AD start map will probably mess up the progression in the original campaign(s), so creating a separate install makes sense. I have one, but I made it to use -game for mod patches in the absence of a -quoth equivalent.

Be mindful, though, that the Quake 1 engine is weird in that it prioritizes pak contents over folder contents. If you simply unload updated content into id1, a lot of it will be overwritten by *.pak contents. You need to stuff the entirety of AD (sans maps) into its own pak file and give it the next number in the line for the engine to recognize it.

PakScape should be good for this; Pak Explorer isn’t, as it will mess up some of the file names due to their length.

It would probably be easier to simply delete the contents of the ad\maps folder. Also, I don’t think there’s much point in trying to combine rogue/hipnotic with AD, as they’re not compatible. For example, AD doesn’t feature any of the new weaponry from those add-ons. Simply mashing the files together won’t resolve any such conflicts.

Blood stains should be a Darkplaces feature anyway.

Thanks for the tips, I also read a Reddit post asking about this where Simon_OC replied and said to just rename the AD maps folder. However, he also said that Shub would be unkillable do to changes in his code. I’ve since switched to the Quakespasm spike client and am playing through the base game vanilla before I try anything like this again.