Pre-Emphasized Quake 1 Audio Question

[quote=Quakespasm-Music.txt]QuakeSpasm supports ogg, mp3 and wav external music files to be played
instead of cd music. What you should do is simple:

  1. Use your favorite cd-ripper application and rip your quake cdrom
    audio tracks, convert them to ogg or mp3 so they occupy less space,
    like track02.ogg, track03.ogg, etc.

    Note #1: There is no such thing as track01: the first tracks of
    original Quake and the mission pack cdroms are always data

    Note #2: Since the Quake cdrom audio tracks are pre-emphasized, you
    should de-emphasize them during or after ripping to make
    them sound right. (thanks to Sander van Dijk for this note)

Has anyone here on Quaddicted done this for FLAC files and could he/she provide some steps as to how to do that? It would also make a great help page on this site for people who want to do this.

Using the sox command-line tool the synatx is:

sox input.flac output.flac deemph

for more info see: %url% (search for “deemph”)

What this does is reduce the treble a specific amount, to compensate for the treble being (supposedly) boosted when the CD was made.

I don’t own a CD copy of Quake, but I’m a bit skeptical. If the CD audio truly had the pre-emphasis filter applied it should sound noticeably wrong when played back without de-emphasis. Also note this bit from the sox manual:

Well, you say you have the flak files, probably ripped from the Cd.
In that case I would convert them back to wav files with the “formatfactory”. (freeware)
Now you have your wav files, dump them in the WaveEmphisizer,
and de-emphisize them to their original sound quality.

The emphisize programm you can find here: