Qtracker game server browser

Found this neat server browser which actually still supports Quake servers (plus tons of other games).

http://www.qtracker.com ]

Seems to work pretty well for Quake so far, has its own forum as well.

They have made a “levelshot” add on for Quake, that can be downloaded and added in to that you see a snapshot of the map the server is currently running, however , I saw it was missing the start map, so I made my own updated version, and put a link to it in the forum suggestions topic area. I also exported a better list of the more updated Quake servers still up and used hostnames for the ones that continuallly use them so if the IP address changes, the hostname ought to update correctly.

So I thought maybe someone here might want to make a supplemental screenshot pack to cover custom maps. YEa I know , very painstaking job, unless there is already something here on Quaddicted that already does this? I know theres tons of maps here and they have screenshots, so maybe a script that walks through them all and resizes might do the job.