Quaddicted Advent Calendar

It’s that time of the year again: Christmas is around the corner, the festive spirit rising, eight months-old chocolate waiting to be unpacked, kids counting the days… And now on Quaddicted, too!

Starting today, we have our own Quake-themed Advent Calendar. For the next 24 days, a set of people from all over the Quake scene are going to showcase something interesting about the game - old, new, obscure, anything is possible. Each day, a new entry will be unlocked on the frontpage. Check back daily for some potentially nice surprises.

https://www.quaddicted.com/_media/random/santasittingani.gifhttps://www.quaddicted.com/quake_advent_calendar_2013/1-6 for the first entry.

I hope you guys will like it. Please share the posts with others, post to non-Quake forums, spread the word about Quake. An event like this seems like a good opportunity. Eg tell your friends at SomethingAwful, RPS, etc about it. Feel free to not link to Quaddicted, it’s all about the things linked in the posts themselves!