Quake 2 maps, anybody?

Hi all.

I’ve dusted off my copy of Quake 2 today just to discover that every single significant web archive of custom Q2SP levels is gone… Maybe i’m missing something but i can’t find for shit a couple of presumably well-known and popular maps by Shaun [Kona] Ross, specifically

Nightmare Orchards (http://www.electricescape.com/etherealhell/mylevels/nightmare/index.php),

alk14 (http://www.electricescape.com/etherealhell/mylevels/alk14/index.php) and

Amari Aliquid (http://www.electricescape.com/etherealhell/mylevels/amari/index.php).

All the existing links are dead, there’s no feedback option on the author’s website and search gives nothing:/ I’d really appreciate any help. Maybe there’s somebody here who could provide working download links or upload an archive with these maps to any file hosting?

Hey pat0gen!

Nightmare Orchards and Satyr are awesome maps, with complex architecture and lovely texture work. It would be a shame if a fellow gamer miss the chance to play them, so here you go:



PD: Btw, Spirit, thank you so much for keeping Quake alive in the 21st century. I tip my hat to you, sir.

Cheers from Argentina.

Some great maps there Qwerty. Much appreciated on the downloads!

BTW, if using Windows, I highly recommend Q2PRO as a replacement engine.


thanx a lot, Qwerty :slight_smile:

Tamarisk, i prefer yamagi quake 2 engine nowadays for its out of the box support for official mappacks as well as ogg soundtrack.


unofficial patch v. 3.24 is another decent choice, ogg sountrack and mission packs are supported too, gamma setup is a bit less flexible than in yamagi


knightmare engine is also good if you want some slight graphical tweaks like bloom and hires hud.

as for q2pro, it’s mostly intended for multiplayer, so maybe it’s less compatible with singleplayer content. probably shouldn’t matter if one cares only about default quke 2 campaign.

PS. it’s interesting how quake 1 singleplayer community has stood the test of time so much better than quake 2 one. i wonder if it’s because q2 was quickly overshadowed by more inventive unreal and half-life series… definitely huge props for all the great people who keep this site alive anyway!))

Huge shame there isn’t an active site for reliable download mirrors, any that I’ve found might go ‘poof’ one day. In fact some I came across already have. :frowning:

I’d love Spirit even more than I already do for this site, if he would host Q2 SP maps here for archival purposes. :stuck_out_tongue: Even a simple one will do to dump the files. Heck, I wouldn’t mind helping with uploading some of them from my (incomplete) collection.

But Quake 2 is so terrible!

Once we finally move servers I could have a dump for other games’ maps. I don’t know a safe way though to let people upload though that keeps timestamps intact.

Spirit, Quake 2 is still fun. There has been some really great maps made for it over the years. I have a lot of the better ones archived on flash drives and CD. Every now and then I love playing some Deathmatch online. I suck but it’s great lobbing grenades down on people. HA!

[quote=quakis]Huge shame there isn’t an active site for reliable download mirrors, any that I’ve found might go ‘poof’ one day. In fact some I came across already have. :frowning:

I’d love Spirit even more than I already do for this site, if he would host Q2 SP maps here for archival purposes. :stuck_out_tongue: Even a simple one will do to dump the files. Heck, I wouldn’t mind helping with uploading some of them from my (incomplete) collection.[/quote]

A while back I contacted [Kona] (really cool guy BTW) and he gave me his archived maps. I assume they aren’t all there though. The folders are as following:

[Kona]'s Q2 Maps
2001-to date

We talked about me putting an archive to download them but I have a lot of money problems and not much time in my hands currently.

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h903yx4ebv19oge/7VdYS73RFA

Thanks, I grabbed those. They are all renamed though so not what I would be after.

Renaming them would be enough? If yes give me a list and then I’ll save you the trouble.

Spirit, if you ever get to making a Q2 dump, just drop me a line. I think my archive is 99% complete (and unaltered).

Anymore Quake 2 maps or mission archives been found or shared?

I don’t know much about Q2 custom maps (I’ve only played the original game itself, and that was ages ago), but for what it’s worth (and if this is not old news to you): someone called Musashi released a Q2SP unit called Slight Mechanical Destruction late last year. Here is the release thread at Func_Msgboard, including the download link, and if you scroll through the thread, you might find some other worthwhile recommendations:

Hope this helps.

Greetings folks!

Well at the potential risk of being attributed to an Abandonware site, here is the most comprehensive pack for Q2 I’ve come across which contains a grand total of 109 SP Mission Packs and 243 Single Levels. As for distinguishing between which maps are recommended and which are mediocre, I recommend reading under the Q2 review section over on 3D Gamers Edge or Ten Four. Their are a number of great levels in this pack which I never had the opportunity to play years ago owing to dead/inactive links on Ten Four, which was the only site which catered towards Quake II reviews at the time.


Note: You’ll have to read the associated instructions on the site in order to gain access to the download archive.

I have links for some websites with lists of maps for Quake2, but nothing that resembles Quaddicted, and most of them aren’t classified. Here you have:


And don’t forget about Quaddicted’s own list:


And thanks to Margaal from Quake2 Cafe, i can post more:


Sp maps

Closest to Quaddicted or LvL would be probably the last two links.

Add them on https://www.quaddicted.com/links :slight_smile:

With pleasure, but it will have to wait for a week or so, as i will have to check too all of http://leray.proboards.com/thread/676/quake-2-links before doing that, and some extra websites i found these last days.

By the way, do I add a new section for Quake 2 or just add the part in the ‘‘Quaddicted analogues for other games’’ section?

Your choice!

Found this also, quite a lot of of a number of maps, but it is missing most of the text files. Looks like it is Macanah’s own list.


Thanks for all the links, people in this thread! I was never a big fan of Quake 2 as a game, but for some reason I got curious about Q2 custom SP maps, and some of these are pretty nice! It’s also interesting to see what some big names in Q1SP have done for Q2.

Having just replayed most of the original game before trying the custom maps, I have to say I (still) mostly agree for several reasons (e.g. I think that Quake 2’s slowed down, more “realistic” mechanics are a lot less fun than Quake’s, I personally find the very overtly macho/military/army theme incredibly boring/annoying, and I feel that the game takes itself far too seriously), yet I think it’s mainly a matter of Q2’s stock SP maps – they all look and play more or less the same (in my opinion).

Quite a few of these custom maps, however, take things out of the stale vaguely industrial-ish/military-ish/base-ish setting and have fun gameplay too. What I’m trying to say, I guess, is that even if you hated Quake 2, you might still find some of the custom maps worthwhile. And though it is a completely different game, the fact that the engines are not that different and that a lot of Q1SP mappers mapped for Q2, arguably makes it part of Q1SP history … right?

Sadly one of the links Cocerello posted above (Ten Four) is already dead, and one of the others (markshan.com) has dead links. Krypto’s link is dead too. I’d like to echo what quakis said above – it’s a shame there isn’t a reliable Quaddicted equivalent for Q2SP content…