Quake 2 mod "Campaign Randomizer"

After digging out my old Q2 Campaign Randomizer, I thought it would be nice to upload it somewhere, which is here:

The thing requires 2 installs of Quake 2, version 3,15 and 3.19 since the 2 parts of the Mod were made years apart.

What it does: Randomizes most monsters and pickups based on an INI file that allows to adjust the chances for each item and a few other things.
It greatly improves Quake 2 replayability, since you will not find any campaign game to be like the other. I played the campaigns a hundred times at least. And you can make the game harder (or more easy ).

It works by modding pre-saved games of a modified series of campaign maps.

Pretty good reason to play Quake II after so long. Can it be run on KMQuake2?

I don’t know. It depends on the savegame format of KMQuake2. The original game versions 3.15 and 3.19 save games with different dataset lengths. If KMquake2 is using one of these 2 dataset lengths, it should work for the respective campaign(s).

Took a look at the KMQuake2 project. I think it is unlikely it is compatible with the randomizer.

That’s a bummer. What source port would you recommend then?

Did you try “patch 3.24” by ‘Knightmare’? It pretty much is vanilla ‘Quake 2’.

“Yamagi” is a nice sourceport, rather singleplayer-inclined. For multiplayer, you would probably want something else, like “Q2PRO”. These are the names I recall, even though the landscape in this regard, could have changed nowadays; not that my information, is bulletproof anyway.

I’m probably too late to ask this, but could this possibly be made to support SiN somehow? They both have the same engine. Theoretically, what would I have to do?