Quake Double Barreled Shotgun

Is their a way to make the DBS more powerful,like in Arcanum? Are their numbers I can change like a cvar or a mod for this?I see a few weapon mods around,but none seem to increase the power.Any help is greatly appreciated.Oh and I’m new here so Hi! to all.

Learn to code! Qc (the language that Quake is written in) isn’t even real coding, just scripting.

It’s pretty easy, try this page: http://www.inside3d.com/

Check out the tutorials page - there’s lots of stuff there. Increasing the power of the DBS it trivial - it means changing one number in weapons.qc and then compiling a new progs dat. The step by step tutorials on inside3d should take care of everything, they even have difficulty ratings.

You can also just drop new .bsps into the arcanum folder and play them there, which will allow you to play any level you want inside that mod.