Quake Map Bingo

I just thought it would be fun to have some common events/settings of Quake maps in a Bingo like setup. You could then choose a selection before starting an unknown map and shout Bingo loudly if you win. Let’s collect some:

A horde of zombies right before the player gets the grenade launcher
Moving platform over lava
Seeing a pickup behind bars or otherwise unreachable at the moment
Red demon face texture shooting nails
Secret behind a misaligned texture the player has to hit
Fiend spawning behind the player
Encountering the GK or GK door before the SK
Getting the LG just before the final battle
Grunt is the first monster
Knight is the first monster
Ammo or health behind the spawnpoint
Secret behind the spawnpoint
Secret right above the spawnpoint
Red arrows showing the way
Secret through a illusionary window

(some from the sorry https://www.quaddicted.com/quake/tropes draft)


No crate palettes.

  • inescapable underwater trap
  • underlift secret
  • Vore shows up in all the wrong places

SNG just before Shambler

Shooting the Thunderbolt underwater