Quake on Rockbox

You know that world’s greatest portable media player software Rockbox? It now has a Quake plugin.


That’s cool. I am going to dig up some of my older music players and try this out.

Author here. It’s nice to see that you picked this up. I merged the Quake port a couple weeks ago, and it could use some testing. :slight_smile:

I would but it does not run on my Clip+ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Porting to the Clip+ is actually a feasible project if you’re competent enough with C (as I assume you are). We have a nice dithering library which allows us to get intermediate grayscales on the Clip+'s monochrome screen.
I have a partially completed patch (http://gerrit.rockbox.org/r/#/c/1785/) that modifies our ported SDL to draw using this library. I estimate that making this patch work properly will take a couple hours of work, but in the end you’d be the first person to run Quake a Clip+! :slight_smile: