Quake Universe - lore and narrative

The question here, is brief - what is ‘Quake’ all about, narratively speaking?

What do we know about the Quake universe?

Let me take a swing at it.

Starting with the most basic iconography, ‘Quake’ is a story about a man with an axe, who descends into the darkest forest, in order to cut down the cursed tree. It is a mythic story, a heroic journey.

‘Quake’ itself, is a cosmological event, in which realms spontaneously collide, allowing the denizens to trespass in between.

‘Slipgate’ is a spot within given realm, where the matrix of that realm - during the ‘Quake’ event - becomes unstable enough, thus forming a portal to another world or worlds; connecting with another such entity.

‘Ranger’ represents the self-proclaimed forces of order - emerging from one of the ‘Quake’-connected universes - who aim to subdue the realms inhabited by the unpredictable forces of chaos, so as to diminish the threat to the worlds less at position to defend themselves, associated with the emergence of ‘Quake’. In order to do so, a military campaign is being waged, with the intent to destroy the leadership or the drive of chaotic forces, further allowing to secure the slipgates within the chaotic realms. Slipgates, may appear spontaneously and perhaps randomly, therefore recluse but well fortified outposts, pose an insufficient or only partial solution.

In most realms inhabited by intelligent creatures capable of building civilization, the denizens typically would recognize the meaning of slipgates, as well as implications of these; thus establish institutions, mostly of religious demeanor; in order to preserve and make use of the slipgates - as much as in order to fend of the monsters trespassing from more savage realms, when the time of ‘Quake’ comes.

‘Quake’ and ‘Ranger’ myth, is a reversed druidic pattern. In the original, druidic story, a man with a golden sickle descends into the forest, to find a sacred oak, then cut off either a sprig of it or a mistletoe growing on that tree - using the golden sickle - then return to his home, bringing the sacredness of the “axis mundi” with him - like an Olympic fire - validating his world as part of the world-umbrella.

In ‘Quake’, the man, wields an axe, which means that his will is to separate, cut off, destroy, vanquish. ‘Ranger’ belongs to a military order or represents certain military order, thus inherently stands as interested in power, more than wisdom. In the original story, the purpose is to descend and resurface - in ‘Quake’, it is to descend and remain. In ‘Quake’, the outcome, is also not sacredness or wealth, but profanity, not of one world, but of many; including the homeworld of ‘Ranger’ without exception.

‘Quake’ is a symbol of a man mission to subdue nature; which - as we constantly learn - is a mission destined to fail.

Pushing on:

‘Slipgates’, initially were believed to manifest exclusively as solitary anomalies, relatively insignificant in size; comparable to cracks in the wall of reality. It was discovered though that these could also become of large proportion, seizing vast areas at a time; standing more like open gaps or entire breaches in the same wall of reality. Eventually, it is not impossible that different but parallel slipgates, could merge together. Notwithstanding, it remains a speculation whether the ‘Quake’ event, is perhaps an ongoing cosmological process, leading to the unification of interresponding realms, in order to shape a final, syncretic realm or meta-realm, the conditions of existence within the which of one, are unknown.

The military force that representatives of which call themselves “Rangers”, operate under a banner called “Alignment of the Stars”.

The event of ‘Quake’ and the intercollision of realms, are not the very same phenomenon. While ‘Quake’ manifests itself through ‘slipgates’ and further implications of these, the rest, remain all speculation. It is likely that dynamics of the realms, are possibly beyond human conception altogether - such as the physiognomy of a mythical Yog-Sothoth. It is known, though, that the occurrences of ‘Quake’, correspond with surges of void energy, which roughly could be compared to the emergence of lightnings during a storm - only on a different level. ‘Quake’, therefore, appears like a spasm within the imaginary body of the grand metaverse, allowing consequent formation of the ‘slipgates’, which the latter, last only as long as the valid surge of energy, allows. The ‘slipgates’, are not permanent in terms of duration, even though they do tend to reappear at matching coordinates, which does, in turn, provide an anchor of stability for human understanding in the unfolding precession of dimensional chaos. The occurrence of ‘Quake’, can be predicted by civilizations bearing proper degree of relevant insight.

‘Quakespasm’, is a term popular among certain few technologically inclined civilizations; which is used to describe the early - and often most spectacular - stages of the ‘slipgates’ manifestation; in particular if directly according to a well predicted pattern or schedule. Contemporary term comparable to ‘quakespasm’, would be the “liftoff”, if we spoke about aeronautics for the sake of example.

‘Slipgate’, is not a structure. It is not an item of belonging, nor is it any mechanical device of average availability. It is a physical phenomenon, such as pulsars and collapsed star-cores - known as “black holes” - are.

Similarly to how certain technologically advanced civilizations, would build constructs known as “Dyson spheres” around certain celestial bodies, such the civilizations bearing proper insight, would often build hermetic fortifications - known to some as the “zones” - around the very places of “slipgates” manifestations.

Similarly to how a sacred oak in a druidic tradition, would be soundly protected - as well as persecuted - itself remaining holy and untouchable; such the ‘slipgates’, would embody an epicenter of a seized, holy ground, surrounded by the “zone” - like a star by a “Dyson sphere”.

‘Slipgates’, are known to be dynamic in nature and of fluctuating range of influence - depending on the magnitude of a related ‘quake’ event - therefore, the reserve of the “zone” before the ‘slipgate’ it attempts to besiege.

“Alignment of the Stars”, is known to erect the most defensible “zones”, particularly of technological nature, claiming the ‘slipgates’ and denying these to any external - or local - suitors.

‘Slipgates’, are commonly an entity either of worship or denial to those who realize their meaning.

“Netherworld” or “netherrealm”, is a notion used to describe the space within the ‘slipgate’, which the space melds - but also transcends in otherworldly fashion - the qualities of both the home and the destination places, connected via the ‘slipgate’.

Range of specific “netherworld”, depends roughly on the vastness of a particular ‘slipgate’. Speculations aim to prove that the universe - or the metaverse - aims to convert itself into an overarching “nether-verse” sometime in the future unknown; approximate statistics of ‘slipgate’ manifestations do not, however, support this claim - emphasizing instead that certain possible equilibrium of total ‘slipgates’ reach, remains historically constant, in tight correlation with relevant magnitudes of ‘Quake’; as determined by the metrics of void energy fluctuations.

The latter, could suggest ‘Quake’ to be an endemic metaversial process, comparable to orbital movement in regular gravitational dynamics. The nature of processes behind ‘Quake’ and the reasons for ‘slipgate’ manifestations, remain a mystery.

“Netherworld”, is an expression based upon the term: “neither”, literally meaning: “neither-world, nor-world” - such as: a space between, above and beyond; a space transcendent - but also: “a place where gods dwell”, according to some interpreters of mythological culture.

Metascientific explorers, suggest that there is a third factor shaping the emergent appeal of a “netherworld”, beyond the qualities of home and destination places - that factor, is the wayfarer himself, with his personal reality of individual truth and experience.

All presented notions, unless otherwise described, function within the cognitive space of “Alignment of the Stars”.

Sounds like The Book of Genesis written by a scientist.
Triple_agent, who are You?

Hi @‘qazzaq’, interesting question. I will try to address it in a while. First, though, a bit more ‘Quake’ lore:

Similarly to how a coin, the crushing majority of times, is destined to land flat on one of the sides in a coin toss - on events as rare as a pale crow, the coin, would instead spontaneously land on the edge; such rare are certain entities, imbued with the ‘slipgate’ energy.

The “imbued”, by natural or artificial means, have consumed the ‘quakespasm’ energy meant otherwise for ‘slipgate’ empowerment, connecting these individuals - in effect - with the outer regions of metaverse; granting them a ‘slipgate’ quality embedded in their essences.

The power of each “imbued”, is determined by the magnitude of a ‘Quake’ event, from which they took. It is not difficult to imagine, though, that the failure and fatality rates among all who would attempt to embrace the power of a ‘quakespasm’ and thus become a ‘slipgate’ substitute, renders such ambition near equivalent to a death wish - the greater, the grander the ‘Quake’ magnitude.

‘Shub-Niggurath’, is an “imbued” of extreme might and through her many wombs, she populates the worlds with entities capable of channelling the energy of void - mainly to fuel their own agendas - as well as to travel between the realms, outside of regular ‘Quake’ limitations.

For your question, @‘qazzaq’ - I am not John Carmack, I am not John Romero. I am nobody, but I am also everyone, just like anyone else. Having that said, who then are you?

One of the most vilified entities in the foe-pantheon of the “Alignment”, is a being known throughout certain realms under a self-given name or title of “The Architect of Beauty”.

“The Architect” - according to cultural records - descends from a place, that he or she, calls “The Butterfly Fortress”, “The Fortress of Butterflies” or “The Fortress of Butterfly Warriors”.

Myth has the only way to annihilate “The Architect”, is to smash both heads simultaneously with a single swipe of an axe, as they peek through a gate, which is a not-gate. The “Alignment”, has assumed probable, that the entity, may only be destroyed in a ‘quakespasm’ related event; notably the ‘slipgate’ emergence. While the ‘slipgate’ theory remains dominant, some scholars point out the possibility of “not-gate”, being actually an artifact, used by “The Architect” within the “Fortress”, in an esoteric practice of the “Craft of Butterflies” - as mentioned in certain tomes; the weaving of beauty - therefore, a magic crystal ball; if the comparison, should be allowed.

The notion of two heads or “both heads”, remains unclear, albeit it is not out of question, the term, signifies quality, rather than quantity.

Few myths that describe “The Architect of Beauty”, tell of a supreme being, a grand maker - one calls it downright “The Creator”; the father and mother of all value - who descends from “heaven above heaven”; a land manyfold transcendent; where in and out, dance eternal. Some of these myths, do also portray “The Architect” as an unparalleled manipulator - a deceiver and a schemer. Linguistic research of crucial data sources, proves “The Butterfly Fortress”, to be associated with an element of water.

“Alignment of the Stars”, suspects the influence of “The Architect”, to be the driving force behind an increasing amount of uprisings among a number of controlled regions, the native inhabitants of which, remained initially indifferent or prejudiced towards the presence of the “Alignment”.

There is the knight in a shining armor, wielding an arcane sword; there is the colossal dragon, the hide of which, is a myriad of scales; there is the holy grail, the princess and the kingdom of heaven - the destiny.

The destiny, is the multiverse; the princess, is the quakespasm; the holy grail, is the slipgate - there is the right purpose, the right time and the right place, in order to reach beyond.

The dragon, are those who guard the holy grail - those who neither drink from it, nor let it be touched by anyone else; it is the “Alignment of the Stars”.

The knight - who is the knight? How does one become it?

What could help understand the mindset behind the uprisings against the “Alignment”, is the imagery of a princess - or otherwise a woman of pure heart - being sacrificed to an uncontrollable, dominant force: a wild beast, a rampant force of nature, a patriarchy. We already made an assumption, that the princess, symbolizes the quakespasm - the time, being part of a transcendent trinity, consisting of purpose, time and place.

While the purpose, could remain abstract and mysterious - hard to measure, hard to find - the place, is known and the time, is unique. With the right purpose, everything, can possibly be achieved.

Each time the princess arrives - the quakespasm event, does happen - the place, becomes meaningful; what of that meaning, though, if there is nobody, to receive it or add to it? The time, means opportunity and this very opportunity, equals the sacrifice made - the act of submission.

Coming back to the initial question - I personally like to think that Nehahra’s plot is canon :wink:

In cosmology, the “event horizon”, is a mathematically estimated borderline, surrounding a collapsed star-core; otherwise known as the “black hole”. Crossing the “event horizon”, is a one-time event, as it means no return. Physically, it is impossible to return, once having crossed the “event horizon”, as the forces of gravity - pulling towards the collapsed star-core - become overbearing, prevailing over anything in the manifested universe; prevailing even over the light itself. Thus, the “black hole” - a thing, that does not reflect light.

It is unknown, whether the “black holes”, in their hearts, hold only destruction - albeit, being able to imagine and even estimate the extreme nature of physical forces, relevant to their inner conditions, it is likely, that means both extreme and subtle, would be required, to survive their influence, once ever inside.

Due to mathematically unfathomable nature, the collapsed star-cores - hidden behind the veil of an “event horizon” - are called “singularities”; a name they share with “the singularity” - a primordial state, recognizable as the beginning of our manifested universe.

What “singularity” means - is the ultimation; the thing of all extremes, beyond which, nothing goes further; such as, under planetary conditions, there is nothing further to the North, than the North Pole.

There is a place - a world of permafrost - where “Alignment of the Stars”, have found a powerful, ever-active “slipgate”, covering a territory, comparable to a recognizable metropolis. They called this “slipgate” - the “Singularity”, due to it being one of a kind, in terms of vastness, as well as the continuous state of activity. The “zone”, surrounding this “slipgate” - is adequately called, the “Event Horizon”. It is known to be one of the most defensible structures, ever constructed by the “Alignment”.

Land conditions, are mostly being discussed, when it comes to “Alignment” and “slipgates”. What about the vacuum of space - do the “slipgates”, not manifest there?

They do, even though, for practical reasons, active protection, is extended only over those phenomenons, which mostly could affect or possibly alter, life. Safe travel through the hard vacuum of space, is challenging and thus, itself becomes a defensive condition.

Therefore, the “slipgates” manifested in extreme circumstances, are only granted “watchtowers”, meant to observe for anomalies, rather than be prepared to ward off any intruders and forces, inclined to go beyond.

Although coordinates of epicenters for specific “slipgate” positions, remain constant, the mutual connections between various “slipgates” - and thus, destinations of these - differ between “quakespasm” events. That is why, rarely ever does one cross the same river twice. It works also the other direction; beware of the new waters flowing in, as they may carry the unexpected.

It is said that if you stare long enough into the “Singularity”, you may lose yourself to it. Those affected by this strange mental disorder, become drawn to the abysmal “slipgate”, wishing to embrace it, at all cost. The wish, eventually, turns to dangerous obsession. Extreme cases, are known to run amok, determined to vanquish all standing in their way, towards the floating rivers of “Singularity”.

Those subdued and taken captive, become psychotic with bursts of catatonia - until lobotomized and implanted with neuro-cybernetic correctional module. The module, however, renders the individual socially disconnected, altering the original personality traits; they evolve into dispassionate loners.

It is believed at least one sentient civilization had inhabited the permafrost land - now home to “Event Horizon” complex - all consumed and defeated by the mesmerizing call of “Singularity”.

None of those, who entered the perpetual “slipgate”, ever returned to tell their story. Technological means of exploration, are not feasible, due to extraordinary nature of forces at play, rendering most equipment, inert.

If anything has ever emerged spontaneously from behind the veil of “Singularity”, it remains hidden by the hermetic seal of “Event Horizon”.