QuakeForge 0.7.1a released.

QuakeForge 0.7.1a has been http://quakeforge.net/files.php.

There was a 0.7.1, but before I got to do the announcement, I found a critical bug and thus rolled out 0.7.1a.

]qfcc now supports optimization with -O./]
]Dynamic IMTs allowing more customization of the key binding system./]
]Fixes for allowing QF to work with the excellent http://forums.inside3d.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5004 mod by Sock./]
]BSP2 support./]
]Various bug fixes and build system improvements./]
]Can be cross-compiled for ps3-elf and mips-linux./]
For more details, see http://quakeforge.net/files/NEWS.

One word of warning for anyone new to QF: it will mess up your config.cfg (I’m working on that currently), so back it up.

Unfortunately, there are still some nasty issues for windows users. I’ve got them mostly sorted, so there’ll be a new release soon.

Thanks for the new release. On my system, 0.7.0 is working, but 0.7.2 has no video. The game runs, but the screen is just dark grey.

Windows 7 x64, AMD FirePro 2270