QuakeForge 0.7.2 released.

QuakeForge 0.7.2 has been http://quakeforge.net/files.php.

0.7.1 turned out to be a bit of a train wreck. I apologize for the inconvenience. 0.7.2 is primarily a bug-fix release, but there are two rather significant new features:

]64-bit windows target now supported (though untested)./]
]QF no longer mangles other engines’ config files on windows/]
]Critical bug with incorrect key_dest fixed. (fixed in 0.7.1a)/]
]Critical bug incorrect handling of progs code fixed (windows builds)/]
]Alignment bug loading wav files fixed (affects only mips)/]
]Id style (r_particles_style 0) particle explosions fixed (windows)/]
For more details, see http://quakeforge.net/files/NEWS.

Thanks for the new release. On my system, 0.7.0 is working, but 0.7.2 has no video. The game runs, but the screen is just dark grey.Windows 7 x64, AMD FirePro 2270

+set vid_render sw (0.7.2 works, but doesn’t look good)
+set vid_render gl (0.7.2 does not work, but works in 0.7.0)