QuakeSpasm 0.92.0 released

The latest version of http://quakespasm.sourceforge.net/download.htm was released earlier today.

This new version contains several optimizations and fixes. Protocol 999 support and extension of other limits make it possible to play limit-breaking maps such as ORL’s https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/oms3.html.

From https://sourceforge.net/p/quakespasm/news/2016/07/quakespasm-0920/:

[quote]Version 0.92.0 of QuakeSpasm is released.
Changes since the previous version:

]SDL2 Game Controller support./]
]Contrast support with new “contrast” cvar, behaving the same as
MarkV. It may be a useful alternative to the existing gamma control
for laptops in a bright environment, etc. Raising contrast gives
less of a gray/washed out look than raising gamma, but at a
disadvantage: colors near white get clipped to white./
]RMQ protocol (999) support, adapted from RMQEngine./]
]New “-protocol x” command line option. Accepted values for ‘x’ are
15 (NetQuake), 666 (FitzQuake, default), and 999 (RMQ)./
]New “setpos” console command./]
]New “vid_borderless” cvar for getting a borderless window./]
]Increased MAX_MAP_LEAFS from 65535 to 70000 and MAX_LIGHTMAPS from
256 to 512 in order to handle the oms3 map pack./
]Server edicts are now allocated using malloc instead of allocating
on the hunk./
]gl_clear now defaults to 1./]
]Fix items falling out of the world on oms3.bsp on SSE builds./]
]Worked around an OSX 10.6 driver bug when using FSAA, which was
leading to an unplayable HOM effect on the rest of the screen./
]Fix wrong trace endpoint from the tracepos console command./]
]Updated some of the third-party libraries. Other fixes/clean-ups./]

Thanks to szo for posting the news on http://www.celephais.net/board/view_thread.php?id=60452&start=2099&end=2099.

Download QuakeSpasm version 0.92.0 http://quakespasm.sourceforge.net/download.htm or https://sourceforge.net/projects/quakespasm/files/.

What serious Quaker cares for controller support? What this engine needs is support for more advanced graphics, like DP. Some of the best maps/mods around are Quakespasm-exclusive (or at least refuse to run in DP) and I’m sick of them not looking as good as the rest.

I’m totally agree that the DarkPlaces is the best-looking Quake mod. It’s a shame that this two projects cannot share their best parts!

Quakespasm still has some customization and a nice shadow effect for eye candy (which was present on GLQuake):
r_shadows 1
gl_texturemode 3 or 6
r_particles 1 or 2
v_idlescale 0.5
v_gunkick 2
gl_texture_anisotropy 16
I for one welcome the new contrast bar, way better colours. Still, I kinda wish it had decal support and cl_followmodel/cl_leanmodel commands worked like in Darkplaces. I honestly don’t care about full world lighting, screws too much with the levels.

But still, RTlights, when done well, are great for adding extra ambiance. Which is all that matters to me in Quake, really. I get it, it’s not Quakespasm’s purpose, it’s just a personal wish.