Quakespasm Quake Demo Question

Hello Again,

I noticed when I run Quakespasm, it does not automatically run the little Quake demo. FitzQuake does. As I mentioned in another post, I am using the PAK files from an old Macintosh CD circa 1997. I do not think there is an issue with the PAK files since FitzQuake does run the demo at the beginning and the game plays perfectly fine otherwise.

Is it possible to have Quakespasm run the demo? Obviously not a big deal, but I was curious why Quakespasm didn’t do this.

Thank you.


This is quite frustrating.

I’m sure others know the console command for getting the demos to run? I tried a few things but none work in Quakespasm.


Tell me about it! I really do not get some of the decisions of the Quakespasm team

The command is “playdemo demo1”, you could add it to the commandline with “+playdemo demo1”.

Thank you Spirit! Much appreciated.

Tamarisk, QuakeSpasm can be reverted back to FQ behaviour in most aspects by adding -fitz to your shortcut.