Quoth 2.2 released

http://tomeofpreach.wordpress.com/ has released a patch for https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/quoth.html, the popular map resource pack. Being labeled a “spit-and-polish” release, version 2.2 features mostly bug fixes, some enhancements to existing content, and - possibly the most interesting aspect to players - a subtle re-balancing of certain monsters (http://tomeofpreach.wordpress.com/quoth/changelog/. The Quoth http://tomeofpreach.wordpress.com/quoth/tutorial/ has been updated as well.

http://tomeofpreach.wordpress.com/quoth/ - there are two options: a small patch (2.7MB) to be used on existing installations of Quoth 2.0 or 2.1; and a the full package (52MB).

Quaddicted will update its files and Quake Injector dependencies to the new version soon.