Quoth and Quoth 2

Hey, if I have Quoth 2 can I load maps that are made for the original Quoth using Quoth 2?
Can I have both Quoths 1 and 2 in the same Quake folder when it comes to loading them from an engine short cut with a command line to a certain map?
Tried running mapjam 7 and there seemed to be some problems, like doors not opening, it also didn’t load the sky box using quoth in the Simple Quake launcher either…

Yes, all Quoth 1 content (with the exception of Warp Spasm) will work in Quoth 2.

I don’t know about Jam 7, but it could be a case of the Simple Quake Launcher not applying the -quoth commandline parameter? Try launching it manually.

How does Quoth 2 break Warp Spasm? I only played the first map (not that I had a problem with it, I just didn’t get around to finishing the episode) but didn’t have any issues with it in Quoth 2.

Ok thanks for clearing that up but now I can’t get Map jam 7 to run at all for some reason…