Recent uploads

I just uploaded these recent SP releases:

and to multiplayer maps:

I did not upload:
] because there is a 21 year old releases of the same name./]
]sm183.7z because it is not a zip./]
]xl3.rar because it is not a zip./]
]this because there is a space in the filename./]
] because it is not lowercase./]
[/list] too.

Surely you could have just renamed or lowercased the files in question as before? Besides, “the metal” has spaces too. is a zip, is lowercase, and has a readme. is a zip, is lowercase, and has a readme. is a zip, is lowercase, and has a readme. is a zip, is lowercase, and has a readme. is a zip, is lowercase, and has a readme.

You’re welcome.

I am tired of screwing around with other people’s packaging, it should never have been done.


The other ones were already uploaded a month ago. You’re welcome.

My apologies, I did not search the database well enough.

All of those are perfectly functional indeed, thank you for your hard work Spirit.

Glad we cleared that up. You continue being a boon to the Quake community.

When are they going to get functional?

Hi everyone;

I renamed “This Box”.

My apologies.

Thanks for warning me, otp.

I’ll get to adding the db entries eventually.

Thanks! uploaded.

We have helpful volunteers who help running this site. negke and nonickname are able to add zips to the database once uploaded.

Thanks for the clarification negke.

Yes, I know that, I distinctly remember you awkwardly and transparently suggesting that I become one back on IRC. :wink:

Hey, Spirit! One good friend sent me a message for this page. Yes, my fault. I squeezed the maps xl2, xl3 into a zip archive. I hope that you will find the time to add them to Quaddicted.

That link just gives me a login form… Please see

There is already, whatever that is.

for Spirit.
xl2, xl3 links:

(P.S. Sorry - I was forced to create a new directory, because with such names the maps already exist (in Singleplayer maps - directory is too))


Uploaded (URL was sent to me via mail)

Whoow where are all those maps coming from recently. Thanks to all for resupply :smiley:

TR2N: If you want to stay right on top of new Quake map releases keep an eye on func_msgboard and QuakeOne forums (probably other places as well).

Negke, are you doing the database entries all on your own? Considering the sheer amount of new maps, you might want to add them one map at a time, or something, instead of doing them all at once. That could help even out the workload and allow people to review the maps one at a time, too.

And if there’s too much on stuff on your back at once, don’t hesitate to ask for help. I could help with the entries, in case you guys need volunteers.