Some good maps for quake videos?

Hi all!

I am getting back into playing Quake (I used to play a ton of TF back in the day! :wink: and I’ve been wanting to do a video game channel on youtube for a while. So, I decided to dedicate some videos to me playing custom quake maps. I’m not very good at the game, or at setting up the game really but I am recording myself trying to play these levels through. Some I make it, others…well, let’s just say it doesn’t go too well. It’s called Lame at the Game, or for quake Lame at the Quake.

I wanted to ask everyone here what they thought would be some good maps to video myself playing? I know that a lot of the newer maps are pretty hardcore and long (I tried RJ Zone last night, and I still haven’t gotten through it!) and they might make good video by punishing me but I can’t really upload several hour long videos! HA!

You can check out my channel here: watch a couple examples and tell me what you think would work. Thanks a bunch guys and I’m super pumped to be playing Quake again! Yea!

You may want to look at Daz’ Youtube Channel called CustomGamer, on which he has a lot of well-edited/presented playthroughs of recent-ish Quake maps, with his trademark accent.

If you are just getting back into Quake but want to play something that will provide an epic view, I’d suggest CZG07 “Insomnia,” Kinn’s “The Marcher Fortress,” Necros “Dawn of Eternity” or my own “The Masque of the Red Death.”

Thanks for the suggestions Tronyn, I’ll get into those shortly!

Daz’s channel is great, I love his videos! I’m trying to approach it from a different angle though, just having some fun. =)

Good channel, keep it up

Thanks jackieben! Love the avatar btw, Neverhood was such a fun game!

I’m enjoying the videos too. Please do keep it at it!

Thanks Andy, I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Thoroughly enjoyed watching Acerbus, thanks! It’s always interesting to see “bad” players have a go at custom maps. So easy to have no perspective how advanced many players are and how modern maps forget about the skill levels.

Probably better to avoid maps by Necros or Tronyn, they are very hard. :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions and the feedback Spirit. And of course for keeping Quake alive on this site, so cool! Glad you liked Acerbus! That one was pretty challenging for me, because yes, I’m not good lol. I feel like i am getting better, though that might just be me.

It’s a strange situation, mapping for a game that is almost 20 years old because at this point, it’s really just the hardcore players playing right? So, it makes sense that mappers would make maps for the hardcore crowd. However, I did attempt to record myself playing RJ Zone and it did not go well…

I watched Daz play Masque of the Red Death by Tronyn on his channel recently (a map Tronyn requested above) and I was like…whew, maybe next year! Looks tough!

Wanted to also note that you can now reach the channel now by going to and here’s a