Some maps are too dark/bright.

I play Quake through Quakespasm, and by default I use minimal value of brightness and maximum value of contrast (which I can select through gui). But there are a lot of maps, which are unplayeable with this setting (half of the room is totally black, for example). Looks like each mapper uses its own settings, and player need to “guess”, which setting of brightness use mapper.
Is there some recommended settings for mappers/players?

I think that many are not aware of the general rule of setting up your lights when you have gamma set to its zero point.
But I think many displays are different. I think it’s probably far worse to have an overexposed map that is too bright, and have the user set move the slider or use console commands to alter the levels of brightness. New compiling tools adding features like bounce may not always have been used by some mappers, or it’s just a case of shoddy lighting in the map.