Some updates on maps comments

I just cleaned up the layout a bit and also added a new feature: From now on there will be “(Guest)” or “(Registered)” next to comments. This should prevent impersonation. This only applies to new comments. I might go through the existing comments some boring rainy afternoon and try to add the flags. Maybe.

I should add the user’s rating next to the name!

Looking good! So far I made the usernames disappear.

Easy peasy, it is done after I returned to it.

Not sure if this ok, they were “anonymous” earlier unless you knew where to find the log and userpages. Thoughts?

sm168 absent in map list

Ouch, my zip file was bad and our editor failed to load it. I repacked it and added it. Thanks for the notice!

The map comments now display people’s ratings. If you are unhappy with this, tell me right away.

I removed the javascript rating stuff for unregistered visitors. A lot of people where using it and did not realise it would not actually add their ratings :frowning:

Next: Removal of all the stupid hearts. Replacing that with numbers?

Text boxes are brown on both forum and map pages.

Yeah, I did that. Not good?

I prefer white - the universal text box color. Brown blends in too much with the rest and it looks particularly odd since the other fields (name) are still white.

Hey, no comments on the webpage, that’s just fine.

I made an update for tormentarium.
@neg!ke - now I get your exclamation mark.
Tronyn’s revieuw much appreciated.
Think some of the screenshots at the map download look pale.
Love the hearts!