Stupid Quake Activities

I’ll admit it… I have a problem. My latest obsession has become completing the first level of Something Wicked with the lowest body count by bypassing as much of the game as possible. Once I discovered I could bypass the first gold-key door by climbing over the rooftop, I was hooked. I use the spare gold key I end up holding to open the water-filled drop shaft early (before I should be able to) and thus bypass the entire “outdoor” battle where you go get the second gold key (or maybe it’s the third if you remember the extra gold key door).

The last time around I killed 469 of an indicated 690 monsters. I even vaulted over the three shambler guardians rather than killing them to get to the exit door. But I could have left more of them alive, if I had just not killed so many of those annoying zombies…

Who else uses Quake levels in ways the authors did not intend?

I like to grenade jump / rocket jump to secrets or keys or over obstacles (bars, gates, etc.). I also like to circle jump to areas outside of normal reach, but I’m not very good at it. Nevertheless, many times it worked for me.
Also, in battles I like to grenade jump / rocket jump to high ground and let the monsters below go at it. I also like to circle around, run through the monsters, and get them to kill themselves. Of course, it doesn’t work every time.
Infighting is one of my favorite Quake features.

I noticed on Mazu’s maps there is a lot of spaces where you can reach only with RJ. And i like it! It sounds like You played Portal - where you “reached out of level areas”.
One of my favorite “Binn, Dunne, Gorne 2” You can complete every of each three levels with only one key. I don’t know it is fault of author, or just trick, but it is possible.

I don’t think any of Mazu’s secrets require rocket jumps, though plenty do require particularly tight ramp jumps and circle jumps, as well as some observation to figure out where you need to jump.

Of course, mapper always built map such way for giving ability to reach goodies by “a normal way”.
Last I remember Engineering Mania. To reach upper floors (to collect all 50 boards) You need to proceed thru ruined stairs. I found the only decision to reach there via double rocket jump forward and right. I’m not so experienced player and it was difficult for me. Watching Masu’s play-trough of JJJ maps I was very impressed (somth jaw drops) of his playing /jumping skills. And his last maps oriented for high skilled players. And Yes! I like it!

I did a double jump (rocket jump on 'nade) to get to the LG in Sunken Cathedral, I think it was. I’m not particularly good at finding secrets, so when I see one, I think about getting to it directly.

I thought to myself “¡¿How cool would it be to have maps that mandate a grenade jump here and there in order to proceed?!.. or to get something, like a red armour or mega…”. There’s so much unexplored territory here. Oh, and defrag style maps would be really cool, not least from an artistic viewpoint. Of course, I’m not talking about maps that require crazy strafe jumping skills, like competitive defrag, for their audience would be minuscule. I myself can barely do a circle jump and have to time my 'nade jumps with the shotgun (4 shots). Just maps that look like defrag but can be navigated normally. They have a certain aesthetic and lots of room for hordes.

Also, a mod that uses the swim mode (“fly” when in water with the water just below eye level) would be really cool. Actually, I don’t know why the “fly” command wasn’t made to always behave like that. But it could be incorporated into new versions of engines (Mark V please) or into mods. As it stands, if there isn’t water on the map, or if the water isn’t deep enough, then one can’t use “fly” to swim through the air.