Tenebrae - forgotten (?) sourcemod

Hi everyone,

I’ve been browsing through some popular source mods lately, for fun, I guess - comparing effects, lighting etc. And then it struck me a bit, a flashback of sort, that there was a mod back in 2002-2003 when Doom3 alpha leaked, called Tenebrae, that basically enhanced Q1 graphics up to the level od Doom3 in some areas (mood, bump maps for example). That was something new (bump maps) and unseen at that time in more than few games and tech demos.

What happened to that mod? Anyone knows? A Friend of mine told me, that it’s gone, it was left unoptimized and win 10 wont run it.

Another one of these super-“enhancing” sourceports/engines I remember from those days was Telejano. Anyway, it seems both were just abandoned, most likely due to authors losing interest. Seems to me that DarkPlaces became the most popular one in the area of graphical enhancements. However I have a feeling that fancy lighting, shadows and other glossy effects went out of fashion, so to speak. These days I see guides and questions on “How to make Quake look chunky and pixelated”.


By the photo uploaded https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CV9qwtGU8AAvc2h.jpg], I would choose “HD texture pack” option, unless “ENB” somehow came out better in the practice of ‘Quake’.

The Gaussian “normality” pattern seems as valid nowadays as it was back in the old millennium, even though, de gustibus et cetera.

Oh, I remember Telejano - it had a fancy new model for rocket launcher included or something like that. If I remember correctly Telejano was something around that time when QMB was released. QMB was the first source mod for Quake I played and it blew me away back in the day - importing some Soldier of Fortune shiny textures, menu like RTCW etc. I was also much more colorful than the OG Quake which was kinda in demand in early 2000s.

I like how original esthetics and artstyle defended themselves and we made something of a circle.

Anyways, it would be nice to see a source mod which would preserve original pixelated style with a bit of specular lighting included - just dreaming here :wink: