The future of Quake source ports

I’m curious about how things might unravel with the introduction of the recently released enhanced quake.
Obviously the source for that won’t ever be released but some ports have incorporated some of the changes anyway.
Will that be accepted as the new standard?
Will the various ports ever come together to form a new standard port (I’m thinking of quakespasm and VkQuake merging?)
Interested to hear what the community thinks about this …

What kind of exemplary standard do you possibly think of?

For theoretical reasons, I doubt in unification, at least as far as the “indie” world goes.

“Linux” world, would do that first, if such way out, was ever to become a thing.

Influence of the new ‘Quake’ iteration, upon the future generations of players - particularly the casual players - is inevitable; it is the new staple. Although, I am not well informed, how widely the new ‘Quake’ release, is distributed and in how many cases, did it entirely replace the original or “Quakespasm”-style image of ‘Quake’. To be fair, I am uncertain also, how far do the differences go, but I assume, they must be significant enough.

I imagine, that consequently, in time, only those curious of the PC-gamers, will discover the community-based, older - but more sustainable and flexible - face of ‘Quake’. The ‘Quake’ of old, will probably diminish in received contribution, in favor of the newer implementations and technologies, evolved around the new iteration. But perhaps, you are right; maybe the community, will amortize the potential disparity, by merging the old and the new; the community-based with the new “legitimate”, creating a middle ground. Mind, though, that when it comes to the classics, the open-source community effort, tends to endure and outlive some less rooted initiatives.

This site, has seen some traffic increase, since the ‘Quake’ re-release; the sourceports, did also budge as well, which is good, I guess.

Current state - for me - is that the community source ports give me better compatiblity (QSS) with the community content and the KEXX-Port has - at the moment - some unconveniernt bugs, nooks and crannies which are still not fixed (And less compatiblity to user generated content i guess.).

I think the community driven source ports will be superior when a) the new episode will be full playable with all bells and whistles, b) qss with vulkan support, c)some of the few QOL features like (insert something i do not know now. Like Q64 via Modmenue? Somethingsomething with lightning and shadows?) from the remaster can be implemented to the community ports.

My question is, how does the gridlock between original ‘Quake’ and re-release by ‘Nightdive Studios’, compare to the situational configuration between original ‘Doom 3’ and ‘Doom 3: BFG Edition’?

In the case of ‘Doom 3’, the original, harvested majority of the modding contribution, while the ‘BFG Edition’, became popular among superficial visitors. They never developed a middle ground, due to engine discrepancy.

My gut feeling says the remaster is because of nightdive more related to quake 1 custom engines than the 2 doom 3 releases.
But it is just a gut feeling. And KEXX is a broad but closed source engine which supports many different gameengines. (I guess…)