Things that probably have nothing to do with Quake 5

Two images by

First a creature that looks like a Fiend:

The caption is [quote]One of the concepts from a project that I was assigned to, which might be announced next year, or maybe later. It a reboot/ redesign on a previous product line, this is one of the concepts I did for it, hopefully this will make it into the final product, or maybe not.[/quote]

Second a collage of sketches of a Shambler-like monster and another Fiend:

And yesterday and Both worked on music for Quake 3. Sonic Mayhem also did the Quake 2 soundtrack and the Quake 1 fan music addon Methods of Destruction.

What do you think?

Wow, that fiend design is brilliant. In the unlikely event the story is true, I have good hopes for Quake 5 :wink:

The first image I saw on Pixiv, the artist did tag it as “fiend” and within the japanese descripion there was “QUAKE” in the center of it. It is a very astounding piece of concept art. If such a project arises, I hope it captures the essence of Q1 while also maintaining new elements. :slight_smile: