Tronyn all over the place

Tronyn has brought us treats once again. 3 reviews:, and But that is not all, he also presents his 10!

Thanks for some more Quake SP!

i haven’t found a thread below the favorite temple article by tronyn so i use this one. i agree with all the mentioned maps - these maps are truly the masterpieces, especially menkalinan. i always hope to find some unknown jewel in these lists of favorite maps, but i’ve been playing q1 for 15 years so i fear for me there are no q1 jewels yet to discover.

there is only one map i’m missing in this temple list - glassman’s the day of the lords. i love this map. in my personal fav list i’d put in right on the top. too bad glassman disappeared.

Hey, thanks for the comment. I was hoping to highlight some maps people might not know, but as you said it’s mostly hardcore players these days who are familiar with all the good maps.
I don’t really consider Day of the Lords a temple map, more of a medieval map - infact I put it at #4 in my top 10 medieval maps list, here:
it is too bad glassman never finished his final unit, which looked to have some temple stuff in it as well.