Tronyn reviews Tormentarium by Madfox

Only one this time.

Thanks for the newspost guys. Definitely a unique and fun map.
Can you fix the link from my review to the map’s Quaddicted page and files?
Also, Spirit… I hate to be an OCD jerk… but isn’t deleting the old version completely kind of against your archivist ideas? I am no one at all to lecture you about how to do things of course, and I don’t know what your rules actually are, but it seems to me like all versions of everything with the most recent or that with the author’s blessing, or something like that, is probably your rules. Holy crap, this is almost starting to sound like editing Shakespeare or something :wink:

Don’t encourage him in his excentric ways!

Tronyn: FIXED!!!

Tronyn, yes but peer pressure demanded it. :wink: This was double annoying since it was not only a new version, but the zip had a different name. Damn you silly mappers…

The old version is in

Thanks for the review! Last days of release were a bit hacky for me, this for the map name abuse.

I had been vising for two weeks with sessions of 22houres, and was only looking for homs in the map. Like an XRay eye, awfull.

I was so bored and far away from the game itself and my intention, that one session when I left the house I entered a Faire, and standing for a Mirror-Castle I felt the biggest Ogre on earth.