Vanilla-Flavored Source Port

Hey folks.

I’m just curious as to what we have in Quake that’s closest to a source port such as Chocolate Doom, whose philosophy, to put it simply, is to preserve, in a historically accurate way, the original game as was, with all it’s bugs and quirks, and maintaining vanilla demo compatability.

The closest thing I know of, that is actively updated, is Mark V, in it’s Winquake form and it’s settings set to Quake default, which is pretty great. However, I’d like to know your opinion and input as to this matter.

That’s all. Have a ggod one.

Yeah, Mark V Winquake is pretty much it. I don’t personally use it because of mouse input issues, which apparently you have to change the polling rate of your mouse to fix, but other than that it seems good.

Just wanted to make sure. Thanks for replying, h4724.

I think something like tyrquake would be much closer.

I didn’t know about that source port. That’s just what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.

By the way, I know it’s not very vanilla-y, but isn’t there a way to enable music without a cd? My current pc doesn’t even have an entry for one, and I have the soundtrack in ogg format already.