Vegetation (Trees, Foliage, Grass)

Hello …

I am trying to refresh my map/modding skills. Trying my hands on TrenchBroom editor. Does anyone knowns of any good tutorial resource on how to make vegetation (trees, Foliage, Grass) etc in quake (TrenchBroom editor)? What about waterfalls?


Hey. You can get a wad of vegetation textures with a showcase map I made, they look quite nice billboarded up to look like sprites. We used them extensively in Dwell, and Underdark Overbright is quite liberal with them too.

Ok. Thanks. Any idea about waterfalls?

Waterfalls are just a texture, usually func_detail_illusionary and given the entity key of “alpha” with a value the same as your wateralpha key. They can be found in many wads.

@fairweather thank you sir for tutorial & textures

You guys should do a “nature jam”!

[quote=triple_agent]You guys should do a “nature jam”![/quote]There was one called ‘Overgrown’. Some maps are actually cool (but overgrown:)

Will check it out in gameplay, in time, hopefully.

Having looked up the name here on the ‘Quaddicted’ portal, the jam description says: SP maps with an “overgrown” theme. Tags clarify the dominating aesthetic topics: nature, base, egypt, ruins. Not a nature-themed jam per se, as it seems, but among else, the nature element, is probably there as well.

It would be interesting to actually see an annual jam celebrating the nature; held sometime in March, for example.

@fairweather, your link to veg.wad is dead & it doesn’t seem to be anywhere else available…did you pull it for some reason? Watched your tutorial on plants, very interested in seeing the other textures as well…thnx!

Please try my mod Peril, it’s maps are full to brimming with vegetation and trees, flowers, waterfalls etc, possibly the most ever seen in any map in Quake. It’s kinda quake outdoors in forests and on mountains.
It’s new so not many have played it.
I have already released all the alpha textures used for the project which are in the format for Darkplaces, but I have them all as mips for trenchbroom.
If you need any help making your own I will explain it in another message later.

I think I have fairweather’s veg wad. Will have a look later. If so I could bung up a link for it.