Vore projectile duration

Does the Vore projectile have any duration time, after which it would cease and explode?

No, there is no set duration time, they only make very sharp turns to follow the player when they are within a certain distance from the player, but they will not explode until they collide with something.

@‘Evan’, that is not perfect in my opinion; to an extent of possibly becoming comical in certain scenarios.

Oh, sometime it is very fun, trust me! Just try to play sm191_digs

Fun fact: sometimes, when you dodge behind a Shambler to loose the Vore balls (thus triggering the Shambler to attack the Vore), after the Shambler kills it, some remaining Vore balls launched at the Shambler will oscillate around the Shambler’s lower torso for quite a while and then explode.


So it is called “Vore balls”.

Someone needs to make a video with famous Benny Hill soundtrack to it; avoiding the “Vore balls” time and time again, running away for like half a map or longer, every time around.

In 1997 i made a map which only had dozens of Vores and scrags in a huge open space, and no items. It was all the time about waltzing around voreballs choosing in which group to detonate them, and being careful about leaving some enemies alive to detonate the last ones. Was fun and funny.

There was a funnier part about that: I was awful at playing Quake and never got to finish the game back then and barely could finish /reviews/alb1v1a.html, but i could complete that one easily. That made me take it even further, and zig zag through voreballs or enemies, or see how many i could accumulate. It would be nice if the voreball would get bigger and the explosion too whith each voreball added.

That’s actually a good strategy to deal with Vores in arena settings: waltz around so as the voreballs accumulate behind you, and then lose them on obstacles or pass them on to enemies, all while dealing damage selectively so as not to break up infights — monsters fighting each other are monsters not fighting you. Many times, in arena fights, I circle around to get a feel for the terrain and the monsters therein and to stir up infighting, and also to get the monsters to come after me in groups so that I can efficiently inflict damage on them with the Grenade Launcher. Sometimes I don’t even have to shoot much, just waltz — the monsters finish each other off gradually, and I love it. Lastly, if the terrain/architecture allows it, I grenade jump to high ground, kill whatever teleports there, and watch those below go at it, and then pick the survivors one by one — my favorite strategy.

Not that I am convinced, but if you so value it, there must be something to it perhaps.

They’re technically called “firepods”. I thought this was according to the manual but it doesn’t seem to be there, so I don’t know where it originates. Most people (myself included) still call them vore balls because they aren’t particularly fiery, they come from vores and they’re shaped vaguely like balls.

Yeah the manual says “keep an eye out for the energy pods he hurls”. So apparently it’s not female either.

Huh, I always thought it was female. I used to call it “Păienjeniță” in my native tongue (and still do), which would force-translate to English as “Spideress” (female spider). Also, its projectile in the (pre-release?) version of Quake I played as a child (the one with a different end level) was a lava ball, hence “firepod” maybe…? Anybody know where I can get the alternate Shub-Niggurath end level?, the one with the slime skies and no exit.

Beware the Fiery Balls of the Spider Princess - he will get you!

No, seriously, Vore is more scary than the Shambler.

It’s called Beta3 or Pre-Release, and it’s probably not really legal.
For some reason it exists as download https://www.moddb.com/games/quake/downloads/quake-1-prerelease.

I don’t think it will run on modern sourceports and the only way to run it is probably via DOSBox.
But if you just want to quickly reminisce, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8etWsCIe9A.
It shows the different end level, as well as some other things that were different.

You are right, in that version Vore just throws a homing lava ball.


Hey, many thanks, man!

I knew about that video but couldn’t find the map.

I now should be able to extract it from the pack and play it on its own if it’s a .bsp, unless they changed the .map/.bsp coding protocols, or maybe the name of .mdl files or some other files that the map uses, and the engine can’t interpret the code or can’t find the files. But I can’t test it just yet 'cause I’m in the process of changing OSs.

I liked this level, I remember me and my sister playing it; we’d be like, in reference to Shub-Niggurath, “— Look, it’s just vegetating there! It bleeds, but it can’t be hurt. What do we do now??”. It would give us a unique feeling, just sitting there, enclosed, for all eternity. If I were to put in into words, it would be something like the feeling of the infinite monotony of impotent solitary evil under the monochrome acid skies with only the endlessly repeating loop of the otherwordly trademark sound of the Quake wind.

I wonder if that green sky end level already had the idea of telefragging the boss.

Also I wonder who made it, because it looks sorta Petersen-ish.

@‘I Like Quake’, the Spider Princess approves! Nice piece of poetry, dude.

Telefragging, could suggest: becoming - perhaps maybe: embodying; a story we know from another popular franchise, ‘Diablo’.

I am not being a particular follower of the ‘Marilyn Manson’, even though their ‘Holy Wood’ album, was kind of my good introduction into the darker vibes of the music and consequently, the sense of existence, in own manner. The song from that album - ‘In the Shadow of the Valley of Death’ - resonates in my mind with those lyrics, perhaps related to the late theme of this topic, perhaps not:

she puts the seeds in me
plant this dying tree
she’s a burning string
and I’m just the ashes

I love Manson, never connected him to Shub-Niggurath though, but now that you mention it, it indeed works:
his noir Antichrist Superstar video really works with the Lovecraftian atmosphere of an eternally vegetating Shub-Nigurrath in the desolate winds of Quake; at the end of the video you can see Manson just stagnating there, half body in some kind of cocoon, moving his left arm in undulating loops, like Shub-Niggurath moves her tentacles, and you can also hear in the video the melodic gloomy tune of an otherwordly desolate wind; all this creates the feeling of an evil vegetating for all eternity.

But the band I constantly associate with Quake is HIM. Everytime I listen to, say, Death Is In Love With Us, I go back to Quake. Sometimes, after I’d have cleared an area, I would just walk around, look around, feel the gloom, the desolateness, the eternal, the old, rusty, moldy, rotten, forgotten places of Quake, and just vibe. I’d admire the lighting or gaze at the purple sky (like in the Evanescence song, Imaginary). Then, when I’d listen to HIM, I’d remember those places, and vibe even more.

I tried to play the Beta3 version with Mark V, won’t work; neither with Quakespasm: obsolete version number and .dat file. So, Gila was right, you’d have to go to something like DosBox if you wanna play. Would be nice if somebody remade the end map.