Webquake proves Quake's popularity

Recently webquake.quaddicted.com was submitted to %url% and later picked up by http://boingboing.net/2015/06/26/crush-your-browsers-dreams-b.html.

Some rough rounded numbers:

31000 IPs accessed it overall, probably lots of bots too.
18000 IPs accessed e1m3.bsp, which is automatically loaded by the demo when Quake launches.
9700 IPs accessed start.bsp

About 10500 came from HN according to their referrers, another 4500 came via BoingBoing. And then another 3000 via Facebook and 1500 via Twitter.

It was also featured on https://www.reddit.com/r/WebGames/comments/39l6f5/web_quake_the_original_quake_in_your_browser/ earlier which I did not notice. Can’t be arsed to check the logs. :wink:

The server almost ran out of space for its log file, as I unpacked the pak files to see what files are accessed by the users (sorryyyyyy for being a creep (actually not sorry!)). I noticed the post at ~98% if I recall correctly.

Running a server is fun, even more so if you see people enjoying its contents and services. Rock on!