What was your first custom map you ever made?

discuss below.
(I’m not very sure this is the right category to talk about it though.)

Mine was a small metal dungeon, with a forested area above it. It was so simple I could probably remake it in a day, which leads me to an idea: how about “Remake something like the first thing you ever built in Quake” as a Speedmapping theme.

Made? Are you sure you didn’t mean the first custom map we ever played?

I actually ment your FIRST map you created. sorry for the confusion.

The first one … was 3 cubes at the extremes of a T, one button on the second to open the path to the third, some stairs downward and after that another cube divided by some bars and a hell knight behind like the ogre at the beginning of e1m3 and after that a corridor. Almost everything done just by carving and hollowing in WC 1.2.

That’s all. It is pity i lost it 15 years ago. fortunately, i even remember the textures i used, it would be take just some minutes to do it again.

Ha, mine was my home, started building my desk, room and floors and down stairs and suddenly noticed i have to build the outside walls first…
I even ran through our house with a folding ruler and calculator, to convert it to gridunits…Yeah!
In the end it looked pretty weird, as a had no idea of light and using it at that time.

BUT my 2nd map was a pretty cool wooden bridge, spanning over a black void…

mine was one large rectangular block maybe 256 units thick and quite big horizontally. it had a few large cubes in the middle and other assorted bits like platforms to nowhere and doors that would shoot up out of the ground for no reason as well as a bunch of deathmatch spawns. a friend and i would spend hours blowing each other up and then watching the rain of gibs as they integer underflowed back to the top of the map.
later versions of the map had tunnels in the main block and then platforms on the underside (always in the void).

back in 2000’s it was spy1m1 never released base map from never released episode :slight_smile:

ah liar, it was spy1m2 (metal theme) actually

First map I made was more the possibility to obtain an editor.
Might sound strange, but it took years before I caught Qmap, which wasn’t more than an open editor without any args.
I just started loading in deathmatch maps and add monsters to it so I could play more than the standard quake maps.
Most of the ogres landed into the walls, but it worked!

Back to the question. As I had a close watch to the BillBoardService I got a few examples of the “QuakeLab”.
A way to add a shadow on the ground without something in the air.
My first thought was when I put it on a func_lift, would the shadow get smaller?
Of course it didn’t but I was caught away by mapping, and I screwed the lift with a surrounding corridor (and lots of leaks) to a four platteau level, and added two side rooms.
I never knew it would become the first “Beta” level of what revolved in the “Abandon”.
I had no knowledge, didn’t see texture mislignment, was not aware of heeps or broken brushes, but had a hell of fun!



What was your first map, Breezeep?

My first and actually only map was a medium base/metallic map, totally insane and meant to confuse the player. The first room was quite usual, kinda like the beginning of e1m1. But already the second (hub for keys and final room) had everything flipped, you were walking on the ceiling. The yellow key path had everything rotated 90° and finally the silver key path had a water lift to reach the key (with monster spawning while going through it), at the time I thought it was cool. After opening the two doors (yellow and silver one in the front of the other) the Shambler and the exit that opened only after killing the Shambler.

I never released it and now it is lost forever. Definitely I’d never thought to think to it again after all this years.

My first playable Quake SP map was called “Lair of Shadows” (cody1.bsp, dedicated to my nephew Cody who was 10 yrs old at the time) The date on the file says January 1997. I recall creating with an early version (DOS?) of Quest which at the time was a really great editor. I had no idea what I was doing and it’s basically a horrible little test map - although Quest made it easy to learn. This is a shot of the interface.


What was your first map, Breezeep?[/quote]

The first map I ever made was for Half Life 2, when I first tried my hand at the source sdk years ago. I remember what the map looked like, it was a small, outdoor square with a forcefield, a slope, some npc’s and a few textured buildings towering above the dev texture walls.

My first map was a remake of e1m1 with TrenchBroom 1.6.I lost it as a mont hago something happened and my quake folder was unopenable.Then i had to scavenge some stuff and re download everything(including Arcane Dimensions-136 MB with a slow connection took me 6 hours and i had to hide it from my parents).

Way back in '97, I tried to make a map. It was a hollow pyramid with several floors. The central area would have played a lot like the end of Shadow over Innsmouth. Never got to finish it because level editors weren’t user-friendly enough for me.

An outside box with grenade launcher, rocks and zombies. Kill enough (all not required) for an elevator to be lowered and run a slope to an exit. Slopes were made for trick jumpers (I’m a speedrunner who started mapping).

I small unsealed box with random floating brushes that I mainly made to test the compiler tools, with some rotfish-out-of-water that I was hoping would “swim” through the air (they didn’t).