Where did Quakeman get his Axe?

Okay suppose the the Slipgate project was initially a military project to move things (equipment/soldiers) from place to place. Well there would have been a testing phase where they were trying to move a crate of goods and got sent to another dimension (How the Ogres got Grenade Launchers and chainsaws.) Maybe in an tribalistic offering the ogres threw their now useless axes into the slipgate and thats why the quake guy only has access to an axe.

Nice picture. Ever heard of “cargo cults”? The tribal men saw how western army got supplied. They thought - very reasonably, although through a lens of insufficient information - that if they mimick what the western army does, they - the tribal men - will also get supplied, by the gods, in similar fashion. If to skip the metaphysical value of such endeavor and assume the western viewpoint, the cargo cults, were purely theatrical; we do know where the supplies come from, the tribal men, did not; outside of the observation, that the goods, came from the sky, carried by some “iron birds” of sort. Anyhow, this phenomenon, could be a theme for ‘Quake’ mapping.

I like the notion of having supplies dropped here and there, initially meant for early expeditions, which did not carry out exactly as intended, therefore, all sorts of useful survival stuff may be scattered around in random crates. Gamey.

How did the Quakeman get his axe? Maybe he just took it.

I mean, come on, did you never carry a large-fucking-axe just randomly?

I have now. I’m glad there’s an actual anthropological term for the concept. Kinda like the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy.”

Kinda like the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy.”[/quote]


Kinda like the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy.”[/quote]

Did not see the movie thusfar, but the civilizational confusion, seems like a good social dynamics theme.

Well Ranger happens to be a carpenter and lumberjack out in the wilderness when he’s not called to active duty, which is why he also uses nailguns. Why do you think they call him Ranger? You should see the nice cabins he built.

So we do have a consensus; Ranger is a man of work.

Actually, “Ranger”, could be his legitimate name - why not?

Even though, to my awareness, there is something like “United States Army Rangers”.

Ranger carries an axe, because this axe, has been passed down the male line in family tradition and he simply could not let it go.

Like the Sarge, could not let go of his good old double-barrel on Mars, even there was no deer to shoot at.

Speaking of the nailgun, I remember one game, where a nailgun, was also featured as weapon. The game, was ‘Alan Wake: American Nightmare’. It had rather pity campaign mode, but very entertaining arcade mode, instead.

It is a third person view action horror with interesting combat mechanics, emphasizing flashlight and firearm combo. The game tells a story of eternal struggle between the light and the darkness - both metaphysically, as well as artistically speaking - with a poet or a poetically minded person, in the midst of it. The game, felt very dynamic to play, the way I remember it, especially if to master how to dodge melee attacks. The mechanics, were good.


Speaking of combat dynamics, if you take notice of the head movement in ‘American Nightmare’, it tells of certain advantage the third person view, possibly has above the first person view; the protagonist, tells you this way of approaching foes, that dwell beyond actual field of view.

Getting back to the topic: “Where did Quakeman get his Axe?”

Perhaps they gave him the axe as a bonus to the rocket launcher, when he asked for a sniper rifle.

In either Doom 3 or Doom 2016 you come across an e-mail asking why a shipment of chainsaws has arrived at the Mars base. Maybe they got a mistaken shipment of axes instead of latrine trough shovels or something. Maybe in the another dimension, Ranger is slicing through eldritch horrors using a sharpened spade totally WWI-style.

Quakeman got his axe to sacrifice three animals to the Shub-Niggurath. These animals, were: the hamster, the leech and the polar bear. It so happened that the sacrificial altar, was a Tesla tower. Some of the Quakeman blood was also demanded.

Quakeman got his axe, because he pressed the button.

Quakeman once decided to be smart and said there is only one letter difference between the nailgun and the railgun, so he requested the railgun, but his superiors said there are only six letters difference between the nailgun and the axe, so Quakeman got the axe.

Quakeman once took an axe and went to chop some wood, but instead he somehow ended up with a shotgun, chopping some enemies.

It should be right, he thought.

A player skin of Ranger wearing a Shambler hide with the taxidermied head on top would be badass beyond belief.

Someone actually wears a Shambler hide in this story:
cited by this hosted page:

They run out of Nobel prizes, so they just gave him the axe.

He randomly found it between his shoulder blades.