Wow, does anyone still play this anymore?

Quake was a legend, so please give me more information. This is my first visit to quaddicted, havent played quake for ten years.Forgot all the mods, commands, engines and everything else. Are there still servers around, im interested in SP, TF, AND CO OP. I got the gist of quake injector, but im not even sure what engine to use. I used to use fitzquake, and gamespy arcade is that how people find servers still nowadays? Would love to get back into playing I used to run a rune server, but alot of people stopped playing. Thanks, live on quake

Fitzquake is a good engine, make sure you use the latest version. Alternatively check

Quaddicted is focused on singleplayer. This year there have been about 30000 downloads of maps and mods from it so far so it is definitely alive and kicking.

Check for the best kind of pure multiplayer if you are in Europe. if you are more into netquake/rune/mods and in the US.

Cool man. I got quake injector to work, thank you x1000! That is sooo much better than downloading them one by one. I wanna give it to my dad but he doesnt have an internet connection. Any way you can put the maps on file sharing?

I got fitzquake to work, but not quakespasm, and i used to use fuhquake. I wrote to the creator of quake and told him to reboot the series gothic and midevil style. 30,000 divided by 365 comes to about 80 maps a day. But alot of those are repeat downloaders

Also, do you know how to record demos while your playing?

Yeah, many people were downloading all maps at once.

I made you a big zip file: (2 Gigabytes)
Extract that zip so that all the single zip files are in the directory you set as “download directory” in the Quake Injector. Then it should not need to download them anymore.

The Quake Injector needs internet access since it downloads the map list at each start though. We have not yet made it working offline easily. :frowning:

Demo recording is kinda tricky, most engines require you to start recording before you start a map. “record demoname mapname” I think. In the console.

Cool thanks! how long that link gonna be active? Do you know why I cant get the exe for quakespasm? its giving me an error “couldnt load gfx/colormap.lmp” that file isnt included in the zip and its in the right directory as fitz. Thanks

Should be up for a couple of days at least. Maybe I forget about deleting it, heh.

That error means it does not find the id1/ directory and the pak files. Is the quakespasm.exe really in the same directory as the fitzquake085.exe?

Yea, I just tried to put quake spasm in id and it still didnt work. My directory is desktop/quake/Quake.1[Game]-neno001 and thats where ID, fitz and quake spasm and all the files are. Except that file never came with the download, the colormap.lmp But fitzquake works fine with the exe and quakeinjector

hey can you re post the link for all 900 maps?