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I am conflicted about this one. I do like a nice meaty map, which this definitely is, and for the first hundred or so kills I was really enjoying myself. By the time I was about half way through, I was tiring of the incessant hordes, and by the time I had made it through one very tough arena only to be dumped straight into another, I had stopped having fun.

I ended up pushing though out of sheer bloody-mindedness, and quite enjoyed the last section, where the difficulty ramps back down. All in all, there is material here for an excellent map, maybe even an outstanding one; but there’s a need for more judgement and better balancing.

Had only one of the two successive hardcore arenas been present, I would have scored this at four stars. As it is, I knocked one off, leaving a rather harsh three stars.

But the good news is that this map clearly demonstrates that ZetaByt has what it takes to make geat stuff. I’m really looking forward to what comes next.