Discribe Quake in one word


In a way, Trent Reznor did make ‘Quake’ - such as the “Copper” mod, in the way of sound effects, alongside the enemy behavior corrections, does make my restauration of axe fighting purposefulness.

Suddenly, the axe, has become a tool of great concern - because it gained a missing dimension; the depth.

Sound, is a major element in viscerality. Remember the heartbeat in ‘Doom 3’?

cant believe alot of replies

So you do mind?
Give your one word.

And don’t say:


[quote=Madfox]So you do mind?
Give your one word.

And don’t say:



[quote=c0j][quote=Madfox]So you do mind?
Give your one word.

And don’t say:


Funny if that was to be taken as a synonym of “bored”, contextually speaking.



Since we have a winner, I guess it is okay now to customize some gamerules.

‘Quake’, is fine, but what about the ‘id’?

If I was to describe ‘id’ - the legacy version of ‘id’ - with one word, I would hesitate somewhere between “creativity” and “violence”, perhaps with a spice of “anarchy” added to the mix; if it could be merged all into one word, that is.

I wonder if violence - as an aspect of general negativity - is ever going to get depreciated in digital games.


‘Quake’, is said to draw from the Lovecraftian world of “Cthulhu” mythos. If you ever did read a tabletop RPG rulebook, the ‘Call of Cthulhu’, you would know, that violence and scenarios of lethal aggression in the realm of gameplay, are oft considered unfortunate - an outcome of a mistake or bad planning, made somewhere in organic emergence of the narrative.

Direct confrontation with a monster of “Cthulhu” mythos - within the notions of “Cthulhu” mythos - almost always, means game over - the trick, is to solve the riddle, without going “rubber tentacle strikes first, you can cast a spell if you pass a difficult focus test”.

‘Quake’, is quite syncretic - it is well heroic, in my opinion. Heroic, like in ‘D&D’.



I would wish.

for id it’s gonna be



Shamblers. THEY’RE SO FUZZY.

furry not fuzzy. And yes they’re furry. Whoever says what

Funny, like funny ha-ha, not funny-peculiar.