Quaddicted's Top Maps and Mods of All Time

[quote=Alex Ros]
Anyway my list by maps not full mods/eps will be

  • Leptis Magna by Ionous & Pulsar (Arcane Dimensions)
  • Roba El Ehaliyeh by Ionous (Xmas 2019 Jam)
  • Tears of the False God by Bal (Arcane Dimensions)
  • Entering the City of Pale by Bal (Xmas 2018 Jam)
  • A Sip of Alkahest by Bal (SpeedMapping Jam 193)
  • Horde of Zendar by Sock (Arcane Dimensions)
  • Grendel’s Blade by Sock (Arcane Dimensions)
  • Forgotten Sepulcher by Giftmatcher & Sock (Arcane Dimensions)
  • Foggy Bogbottom by MFX (Arcane Dimensions)
  • Realm of Enceladus by MFX (Arcane Dimensions)
  • Ceci Nest Pas une Pipe by MFX (Rubicon Rumble Pack)
  • Derelict Freighter by Plaw (Alkaline)
  • Tellus Terminus by Zigi (Alkaline)
  • Abbeytoir by Strideh (Halloween Jam 3)
  • Magmapolis by Daz (FM Jam 6 Fire and Brimstone)
  • Illusions Outnumber Changes in Fortune by Ericw & Tronyn (FM Jam 6 Fire and Brimstone)
  • Absolutego by Skacky (DM4 Jam)
  • Red is Dead by Heresy (January Jump Jam 2020)
  • Oxyblack Fortress by Heresy
  • Imhotep’s Legacy by Heresy
  • Mountains of Insanity by bmFbr
  • Greymoor by JPal
  • Subterranian Library by Than
  • Day of the Lords by GlassMan
  • Moldy Tower by Necros
  • Ceremonial Circles by CZG
  • Sheer Hellish Miasma by CZG (Honey ep.)
  • Pit of the Living Dead by Lunaran (Underdark Overbright ep.)
  • With Fiends Like These by Juzley (Punishment Due ep.)
  • Ylä-Tornio by uKKo (Smej1 ep.)
  • Frostbitten Peak by NewHouse & VuRkka (Smej2 ep.)
  • That Which Can Eternal Lie by Henry Ambrose (Dwell ep.)
  • Within the Flayed Kingdom by Markie (Dwell ep.)
  • Prescience Overload by Mazu (Dwell ep.)
  • Toxicity Point by Mazu (January Jump Jam 2 2021)[/quote]

Now that’s a great list, Alex. I actually don’t know some of those.

I’ll check them out too.

It misses Marcher Fortress. I forgot to include that famous overfamous map. It may look outdated but plays as one of the best still, it is still inventive and engaging, truly brilliant

Also Menkalinan by PuLSaR. Should be included too for sure

Those are very good ones indeed, but remember that many of the classics, such as marcher, are already covered in Tronyn’s Quake Talk, mentioned in the original post.

I never even checked it. Tronyn’s list… hm. What’s in there? “Lets see what we can see” @Col. Gorman

I meant this: https://www.quaddicted.com/articles/the_lingering_legacy_of_id_software_s_quake_a_glimpse_into_thirteen_years_of_darkness_by_tronyn_2009

Hm… At post #9 AwakeOnPhobos listed some map
#53 Caustic Preserve by JPal
It is something missing by me?
Where is this map?

[quote=qazzaq]Hm… At post #9 AwakeOnPhobos listed some map
#53 Caustic Preserve by JPal
It is something missing by me?
Where is this map?[/quote]

It was posted in the Quake Mapping Discord server for people to playtest, it’s not officially released yet. I forgot about that when I made the list, my bad.