Quake Alpha Version from 1995 ??

No, i think that’s not the one i mean. As i said, it has been a long time and my memories may fool me at some point. I can’t remember if there was any weapons or actual fps gameplay or more than one map. But what i know for sure is that there were placed some monsters in the level that didn’t move or attack. I can’t find any in the qtest1 maps.

[quote=The Wanderer]Hi, i found this forum when i was looking for early Quake releases. I was excited at first to find some infos, but then i had to realize that this thread quickly turned into an unpleasant discussion.

Anyway, i’d like to put my two cents.

Did you read this sentence in the NFO? It’s the main reason why i think that these files could be legit.


Does really no one remember this Quake demo?
What kind of Quake fans are you?
Well, obviously very young ones.
So, take a seat and listen to grampa telling you a stroy from the war. :wink:


I can’t confirm that it was the one we have here, but i know what i’ve seen back then.
It’s been about 28 years now and i can’t remember every detail, but what i know is, that there was a typical gothic-castle-style Quake level. You could walk around and see the environment. There where several monsters placed in the level. They did nothing but standing around. At least i remember seeing a knight and a spawn. Maybe they had some kind of idle animation.

I don’t know for what purpose this demo was build. Today i would say it looked like something they made for a pitch or something.

About the issues getting this release to run.
First i have to say that i’m not in software programming in any way. I have no clue about code disassambling, reverse engineering or what else. Nonetheless, I noticed a few things.

Running the game with a file netv.cfg present seems to be impossible on today’s PCs during missed obsolete network drivers. If you don’t set any network parameters (just delete netv.cfg) you just get a message that net mode is disabled. That shouldn’t prevent the game from starting. I can’t remember any network stuff in the demo, but i had only one PC and no network at this time.


About the VFX message: During the developement of Quake, a collaboration with an undisclosed VR headset manufacturer was planned. Maybe this demo can be run on a VFX1 headset or the message is just a relic left over from development.

After starting quake.exe you see the loading screen shown above, then the flashing floppy disk icon, then just a black screen. But DOSBox neither crashed nor does nothing. Just check the CPU load, there is something running. At my PC the load is around 20 percent, just about the same as qtest.

I really wonder why this demo obviously has been erased from the history of Quake. I wasn’t able find any information about it. I mean, it was probably the first time that people could run a small excerpt of this groundbreaking game on their computers.

Have a good day all.[/quote]
Thank you so much. This needs to be properly researched and I don’t think those guys everyone treats as a godsend did anything good. They are all toxic and “cynical” people and for some reason some people want to forget this existed. As I said I was told by AcidGlow about this a while ago and this release seems to match this.

I just don’t get who has the great interest in trying to cover up this thing’s existence, to the point that the machine I intended to test it on/research it with zeur was stolen by a shady company during the covid crisis when they took our stuff, stored it in a far away storage and pulled tricks to ensure we wouldn’t get it back and the storage was emptied.

edit: zeur made me remove this information(about the company) so it doesn’t get usurped by lurkers too much. if you need this information contact me…
edit2: I’m also not 100 percent saying that those two events are related, but its sure fucking strange timing and sure came in handy for some people I see like the mocking mob that runs around.

[quote=The Wanderer]Thanks for your reply.

No, it’s not the pre-release leak i’m talking of, there was something else before.

Maybe the files MegaRanger found on archive.org are fake or corrupted or whatever, but i clearly remember playing a Quake demo as described in the nfo text of this release. I can’t remember if it was even a scene release at all. I thought all the time that it was a leak from id itself to flex a bit with their 3D engine, but i have no clue what made me think that.

Certainly, this demo became obsolete very soon when later leaks and the game itself were released. I’m sure, no one gave a shit about it from this point. Unfortunately, i threw away all my old CD-ROMs a couple of years ago, maybe i had it archived somewhere, i don’t know.

Quake is a very important part of the games history and its story is well documented. I really wonder why i can’t find any info about all this in the internet.

Anyway, thanks for all the effort you’ve spent trying to get the release to work. Maybe one day someone will shed light on the matter.[/quote]
Megaranger isn’t the only source to this. If you read my posts, I also got basically the identical files (plus some more nfo stuff) from one of the live bbs archives. It wasn’t just put on a warez cd but also shared on bbs back then.

This at best should be researched on a dos machine of the time, not hacking/cludging together things like those “renowned world experts” have been doing, hahaha. We already proved there was different behavior on different instances and that with the correct tools/programs it might work. Unfortunately the bvutils will not work in simulated environment for example. You also mentioned that headset thing but the networking thing might be the other problem and since this was an alpha version it might not be possible to entirely disable that part…

Also its too bad you didn’t register, now I can’t alert you to this.
Hell, it might be even combination of things including that it might check for the clock, the date its set, like one of the doom versuins except it doesn’t say it explicitly. Maybe if the date is set to 1995 or something.
Did anyone ever consider that possibility?

Do I have to again point out that nobody even posted the actual decompilation just a “translation/interpretation” in C? And the trolling that starts each time someone comes and tries to argue in favor of this being real tells me that some people don’t want this to be proven real and go out of their way, for one reason or the other…

Oh and btw in case any of you schizos (like rick and rich clearly are) or liars say that zeur doesn’t exist, I can post of course a proof from years ago where we are both featured in one video. Plus there are countless of people who know us and can testify, this includes some members of the unreal community I might have interacted with IRL in the past or exchanged more than usual.

After all I can make such claims if people are making claims about me as they are. And if rick and rich are so sure that me and zeur are clearly the one and same person as they are sure that CLEARLY those ALL KNOWING EXPERTS that this alpha is a fake and “modern hoax” as they once thought too. Sure, I’m going to believe such person who is CLEARLY AND INDISPUTABLY IN THE WRONG HERE!


Its me showing a bug in metroid zero mission where you can get stuck, but zeur is close to me and now and then says something too, especially towards the end of the video like when he says something about figuring out who created this disaster. You can clearly hear its someone else than me there.

Leo, please take it down a notch. It is not ok to insult people on these forums. And no one cares about what any other people might have said or who might exist or not or some “he said, she said”.

Thing is, there is zero proof nor any credible leads that this contains anything interesting (apart from being a historic hoax in itself). On the other hand there are strong indicators that this in fact is a hoax.

Please do and report back once you are satisfied. It would be a waste of time for anyone else to do it because then the goal post would just be moved again to “this and that hardware should be tried instead” or whatever.

Anyone can do a decompilation with various tools. There is little value in sharing that. The ‘“translation/interpretation” in C’ by reverse engineering experts is what is useful as they add meaning to the intricate raw decompilation.

I cannot. We had a machine almost ready for the test back then, prepared things and then there were people at the door claiming to be debt collectors with a shady company (the owner reportedly got in trouble during covid and couldn’t pay hypothecicary but this was also a ruse as that company with the storages used it tricks to get hold of all the stuff in storage and I couldn’t get to it before it was emptied. They did this during covid. I became homeless early 2021. This is why you didn’t get to hear of me again and quite frankly I stopped caring about this matter later. But then I saw these posts. I don’t believe their expertise if they are willing to claim such things about me. And thus I can feel entitled to do this.

Do you have any idea how much things of value I lost? Historical magazines, artifacts from the past, family stuff, stuff from my partner including inherited stuff he never got through. Basically all my bloody life. I had so much effort getting all that together. So no, I will not report back anything, I will wait until someone appears and try all those suggested things.

Alright. So…recently a big repository that was previously accessible to me privately has appeared on archive.org

This includes this 0.8 alpha and is shown there, but also another version…
so I was curious what that was
On ibm0376 there is something that claims to be a quake beta, from 1995. I took a look at it and it seems to be just doom2 or modified doom2, I did not check that, so its clearly a fake. The “leaker” was listed to be named Rick.

I wonder if there’s something Rick and Rich have to hide and that’s why they behaved this way, eh?

Given everything else it makes me still think that 0.8 alpha (as opposed to beta) is still a real thing. Unfortunately this didn’t turn out to be what I hoped for it to be, but ugh maybe Rick is trying to cover up his past, maybe the idiots from razor 1911 framed him and then he wants to cover up a real alpha that leaked? Who knows…I’m here just to post the news…

Heh, fake releases keep on giving.

Rick and Rich reacted as they did above because their hard proofs were ignored.

But who knows, maybe RAZOR stands for Rick And Zacharias Own Rick?

I dunno. I still doubt that 0.8 alpha is fake. I mean this is pretty much all the major warez stuff from back then. And there are witnesses who have played a working leak back then. And what about the trident and other unexplained strings? I don’t buy it, I think they are wrong or trying to cover it up possibly because they were involved with something back then or one of 'em.

Because the other fake is an obvious fake too, I didn’t see that much effort put into anything. The other one is just a troll attempt by Razor. Especially when the nfo says “this is real not fake” and such things. But its just Doom2.

from the nfos:

  Quake: beta from ID SOFT. [2/2]

This is NOT a fake!! This is the REAL file!
_____ ) ________ \ ________ )
| _ | _ / | _ _
| | / . / | / : / 1911 /
_____ /______ /:_ /

And this:

   We got it!  This was STOLEN from a beta tester who is now in DEEP    <B3>

SHIT because his beta ID number is encrypted all over the fucking thing!
But that’s HIS lost! Hehhehe. HINT: BIOS passwords can be hacked, right
Rick? Hehehe. Anyways, none of the monsters will move and the 1024x768
resolution won’t work but this is still HOT HOT HOT. Be sure that you
are running EMM386 with the RAM switch on in your CONFIG.SYS or the
fucker won’t install. Enjoy!

– Shallom

Actually that sounds like it can be discription for the other thing and some joker swapped it with doom2? Rick maybe?

Okay hot take: What if that Wanderer was right and this is somehow incomplete…it seems incomplete to me now also by reading other stuff from around the time. What if it was sabotaged on purpose for archival…


NOTE: This is an alpha version. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE, or we will seek out and destroy you and your family.

Plus the mention of Rick in the other release…what if he’s afraid of his family being destroyed?
My god…this is turning into a creepypasta story…

and went out of his way to mess with the early releases so that only few people saw them, swapped one for Doom2 and the other one deleted needed files…