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Forum thread for bbelief

Unregistered user “smarter than you” posted:

Then try reading the included manual.

Unregistered user “Lord of the Undead” posted:

All it says in the manual is to “Start Quake like this: ‘quake -game bbelief’”

I’m using the ProQuake engine and I have absolutely no idea what he means by that. Could you by any chance help me out?

Unregistered user “Spirit” posted:

Sure. Take this animation as reference:

You put in “-game bbelief” as commandline option there. Enjoy!

Unregistered user “Lord of the Undead” posted:

Spirit, you are my friggin’ hero.

Unregistered user “Shalrath” posted:

Good map pack, feels like an extension of the stock levels. However, the traps are somewhat of an overkill (especially the instakill traps in one of the last levels), and there doesn’t seem to be enough ammo in the final level to kill the boss, had to use cheats there.

Unregistered user “Quaker” posted:

Perhaps one of the oldest really good full episode sets for Quake freeware release. Not the best of all of '97 though - it was beat later in the year by mexx9/10 and zer.

Unregistered user “sb306” posted:

Played through a few of the levels so far. Its a great pack from what Ive seen. Seems to run great on Joequake.

Unregistered user “MegaQuaker” posted:

I read in Tronyn’s “13 Years of Darkness” (or whatever it was called) document a few months ago that this author is back at mapping again. Is that really true?

Unregistered user “gb” posted:

This sure is a good set of maps. It’s in the top 10 certainly.

Unregistered user “negke” posted:

IMPORTANT NOTE: There’s a bug in the sixth map that prevents the player from escaping a spike trap on modern engine ports.

Here is a fixed version: http://www.quaketastic.com/upload/files/single_player/maps/bbelief6_fix.zip

Simply extract the file PAK1.PAK into your BBelief directory and start the episode like you normally would (as per the instructions in bbelief.doc).

Unregistered user “MegaQuaker” posted:

Four star maps, its length and tiem make it five though. Just replayed this thing, it’s still a lot of fun. I did have the spike bug in the sixth level with FitzQuake, good catch Spirit - I used noclip but having a patch is better. Only thing I didn’t like was that sixth and seventh maps don’t really support scratch starting - with all the other maps supporting it, I had started it that way and was vastly underpowered.

Unregistered user “FrankUman” posted:

This was my first new map in more then 10 years. Up to last month I thought I was the only man in the world still playing Quake 1. How wrong I was!
So, take my comment for what it’s worth, but I liked the episode a lot.
I succeeded to overcome the bug by throwing some grenades around… Next time I’ll use the fix.

Unregistered user “Qmaster” posted:

Truly this is one of the best oldschool styled original Quake style episode packs. Very fun and brings back memories of playing Quake with my family on coop back when I was only 5 years old. Definitely one of my favorite old school map packs! 5/5

Unregistered user “goddogx” posted:

wow! thanx for the hotfix! indeed, i also had to noclip the trap back in the 90’s :slight_smile: one of my most “shameful” moments hehe.

Unregistered user “Krypto” posted:

The hotfix link is not found.

Unregistered user “Krypto” posted:

My bad! It seems Quake Injector can’t find it funnily enough.

Unregistered user “Scribbles” posted:

Well, everything about these maps is 1997 as hell, but I guess these are amongst the better ones of that era.

Great for a pleasant nostalgia trip, if you can stomach all the unavoidable nail shooters and getting damaged when a badly built lift sends you into a sticking out lip - but that’s all part of the 1997 charm, isn’t it?

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