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Very good. I love this map. Thank you very much.

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Great fun…funny new monsters…More…

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Very, very weird, due to both the theme and the new monsters. It came of as pretty goofy overall, highly unusual for a Quake mod. I read through the func_msgboard thread and Madfox said it was meant to be a “test garden” for the monsters, which makes sense; there isn’t really a lot of combat with numbers of monsters, generally just 1v1 and another will spawn after the previous one is defeated (at least on Normal). I appreciated this as it allowed me to learn the new monsters’ behavior, although I felt the level could have ratcheted up the numbers later on.

The detail is very impressive, especially the arches show off in the screenshot. Other times I wasn’t sure I liked the mashup texture theme, it worked better in some places than others.

2/5 secrets, I’ll have to go back and replay to find the rest as I feel there is more to it that I saw. (I missed, for example, whatever was behind the locked door near the top of the castle; maybe that has to do with the secrets?)

What a strange experience! There’s some nice architecture here (though some rooms feel a little cramped and arbitrary) and the vertical progression is satisfying. But, of the new monsters, I’m not sure a single one really adds anything. The original Quake bestiary is amazingly well balanced, like the selection of chess pieces. You mess with this at your peril!

I finished with 103 of 104 kills on Hard – where is the one stray? Oh, I bet it’s the friendly zombie! Only three of five secrets, though. I assume on of them is the teleporter in the buttress that holds up the bridge the the exit, but I couldn’t find a way to fall into it.

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Yep, it was the friendly zombie!

I wavered over whether to give this map three stars or four. It certainly merits four for ambition; but I think the new monsters break immersion so in the end I went with a slightly harsh three.

Oh, one more thing I should have mentioned: this level has a great new skybox, with distant humanoid mountains. Lovely and eerie.

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Very well designed architecture and solid gameplay. Some of the new enemies were just dumb and redundant, like Bender, which I’m still scratching my head over. Others were nice additions however, specifically the shield ogre which I though was a pleasant challenge to fight at points. Best part of the map by far was the ogre fishing in the river. The pros of the map outweigh the cons, and I had a fun time. 4/5

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Good map, i love the setting in this.
The canyon looks great, though the brushwork could be more defined.
I found several misaligned faces, z-fighting doors and the overall build quality seems to suffer from being too narrow.

I know better from Madfox.

The new enemies, as stated above, don’t add much to the gameplay, feels more like a testbed for some weird models, and let’s be honest here, some of those new models are weird.
Bender WTF?

The fishing ogre not reacting to being shot is a no go in my book, but that’s a weird book anyway.

Nevertheless, it was fun to play in a weird way, i even managed to skip parts of it, only to revisit them later. 7/10 for nonlinearity.

Not the best Madfox map, but def the strangest imo.

And the skybox did add to it, what is he thinking when he does this stuff?

3,5/5 makes it a 4/5.

Shine on you crazy Diamond.

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Unregistered user “AsymmetricalXeno” posted:

I didn’t like the more comical enemies, perhaps they might be more fitting for a different looking setting. I loved the tentacled creature though, one of the best quake enemies iv seen in a while and had nice lovecraftian feel! would love to see that enemy used in quake levels more for sure, especially void levels and the like to get that true lovecraft feel.

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Fairly well balanced level but too many 1 on 1 fights that didnt really bring anything and a bit too many cramped corridor fighting that just require some peek & shoot. Still impressive the amount of new creatures and models you brought here. Is the waterfall by the wheel new too? That was a great water ripple effect!
Loved the lovecraftian “black young” tentacle monster at the end. Could totally see that in quake levels. Most of the others dont really fit ( except the walking eye could totally be in Shrak, hehe) but whatever, it’s fun for a change. Some interesting gameplay ideas with the shield ogre deflecting nails and grenades, that could be very very cool if placed strategically with other ennemies. His charge attack animation could be better ( also can he turn berserk? One of them turned purple i dont know why).

Love the fishing ogre though like previously said make him hittable if necessary. Would love to see more “neutral” monsters like that though, that could really make the quake world richer.

Good job!

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