100% crash of the QSS engine version 0.94.1 and higher

Hello, everyone!

Starting from version 0.94.1 and higher the QSS engine constantly crashes to the desktop when switching (in extra options) between replacing the standard MDL models of the original version of the game with MD5 models from Quake Release and then loading another map or restarting the same map. All my attempts were tested first with the extended ID1 folder (particles/programs/textures, etc.), mods (copper/hipnotic/rogue) and then with the default ID1 folder without MD5 models. Only AD 1.81 can withstand this switching without crashing to the desktop. The log file does not appear after the crash of the game.

Engine versions 0.94.1-0.94.2 100% crashes to the desktop when switching bitween models and loading another map or console command “restart”. In QSS version 0.94.0 everything works fine. Who solved this problem and in what way?

Best report that on https://github.com/Shpoike/Quakespasm/issues

Oddly enough, I raised this issue a long time ago by your link and did not see any reaction. Now I have a question for the community. This problem of crashing the game to the desktop occurs only for me alone, or has anyone encountered this crash too? The same site has long raised the issue of the problem of the disappearance of the lightning cannon in the hands of the player when using the md5 model. Again, no response was received.

Try narrowing down the problem:

  • Does it crash with a complete clean id1 directory, no mods, nothing custom, no custom commandline, no config files?
  • Remove half the replacement files (or config settings or commandline settings) and see if it crashes, if it still does, remove the next half from what’s left, if it does not crash, restore the other half and remove the half that did not crash, rinse and repeat until you have one file that crashes.
  • Provide that file to the engine developers with instructions when and how exactly it crashes

I have nothing to write to the developers about my problem. I have installed QSS 0.94.2. Then I copied the ID1 folder there without any additions. Just pak1.pak, pak2.pak + glquake and nothing else (there was not even a config file). At the first switch to improved models (which are not even in the folder) and typing the “restart” command, the game immediately crashed to the desktop. That’s it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

pak2.pak? Whatever that is, it is not vanilla.
glquake? Whatever that is, it is not vanilla.

How exactly did you get quakespasm and what does “install” mean here?

What exactly is in your improved models folder.

Those are some of the things that can help the developers find the issue.

But bisect the improved models stuff first. What is the absolute minimal setup that crashes?

Is the “glquake” not vanilla or somewhat post-vanilla stuff; old thing, anyhow? The folder is full of “.ms2” assets, whatever that means. For the PAKs, aye, the originals seem to be “pak0.pak” and “pak1.pak”.

‘glquake’ folder with ‘*.ms2’ files is something GLQuake was using back in the day, you don’t need that stuff with modern engines

Hi guys!

I wrote at night and made a mistake! The folder “ID1” contains only the files “pak0.pak”, “pak1.pak” and nothing else (I did not copy the folder “glquake”). There are no improved md5 models. I switch to improved models in extra options, enter the “reset” command and the game immediately crashes to the desktop! That’s the kind of magic! The QSS 0.94.0 engine works without problems.

Both versions of the game QSS 0.94.1-0.94.2 both x32 and x64 crashes on the desktop.

Thank you all for participating in the discussion of the issue. Maybe it’s just my computer problem.

I don’t have the menus in front of me but according to the QSS source there does not seem to be such option? https://github.com/Shpoike/Quakespasm/search?q=improved&type=

Here is a screenshot of this menu because of which the game crashes to the desktop: